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  1. (android) join the army
  2. Maxed lvl Android Guild (U2EZ) REBORN!
  3. ( Android) 8-9% bonuses Guild looking for regular players
  4. Android - Beastmode Gods - Max Level guild Recruiting (Top Ten Feeder)
  5. [iOS] Children of the Sun - part of Rainbow Coalition (Recruiting)
  6. (iOS) Revival Guild 100+
  7. FURYANS NEST Guild Recruiting for active members! ( Android Only )
  8. N1GHT RA1D3RZ - Consistantly ranked in 10- Looking for dedicated spenders(android)
  9. iOS - The Rainbow Coalition - #1
  10. Majestic Boner [iOS] Looking For New Members!
  12. [ANDROID-TOP50] The Brutal Thrones Alliance is recruiting!
  13. [Android] Q MOB TOP 20 Guild Recruiting
  14. Knights of Flame looking for new members (iOS)
  15. (Android) Original Top 10 - Unicorn Stampede Recruiting - We Are BACK!!!!
  16. [ANDROID] Titans Of Olympus Now Recruiting
  17. dreadnought is looking for new members.
  19. Toxic Boom Recruiting! !!!
  20. ******IOS Doom Slayers TOP 50************
  21. [iOS] Royal Knightz #24
  22. [Android] Beastmode Gods is Recruiting
  23. Level 65 Guild Looking to Merge with another!
  24. Knights of Flame merge for top 25
  25. Medieval Times (lvl 75, all bonuses maxed) Looking for Members
  26. The Masterz are now recruiting!
  27. Knights of Flame take 45th. Still accepting members.
  28. Gemming hard and still not getting to the top?
  29. [iOS] The Grey Wardens
  30. Join the REBEL Alliance TODAY!!!!!
  31. Victorians - NonGem - Looking for Active Players
  32. (Android) Gypsy Jokers Empire – #2 in Voodoo Vengeance – Part of the REBEL Alliance
  33. Razor Warriors Now Recruiting!
  34. [ANDROID] In Team We Trust Join us!
  35. Unbridled Happiness Android
  36. Sauce LVL75 (iOS) looking for new members, or possible merge!
  37. Plus Ones [Android] is recruiting!
  38. X Knights is looking for fighters
  39. X Knights rank 35 maxed guild looking for ACTIVE members
  40. TMOM aka The Master of Manga: is looking for new people
  41. Looking for a new guild? Try Fallen Shadow Lords
  42. [iOS] Kings & Conquerors (Recruiting)
  43. Forgotten Realm Recruiting Active 50+
  45. Android - The Majestic Nation are recruiting!
  46. Two spots for fusion war
  47. [Android] Top 20 Guild Azure Dragon Nexus - JOIN THE FAMILY!
  48. ( Android Guild ) Habitual Offenders is now accepting new recruits!!!
  49. Andriod - Lvl 68 - 8%-9% bonuses
  50. 24 Hour War Focused Guild Recruiting (plenty of spots open) Aryan Alliance Lvl 69
  51. "Transcendent Knights" are Recruiting (Android), Come join the FUN!
  52. ( Android Guild ) Habitual Offenders is now accepting new recruits
  53. [IOS] Looking for active guild
  54. [ANDROID] Phoebus Rising is recruiting active players!
  55. Heart Breakers is looking for active players
  56. [DROID] Ill Tempered Sea Bass - A Majestic Nation guild recruiting
  57. [ANDROID] DEATH BLOW Now Recruiting!
  58. Anime kingz are recruiting!!!
  59. [Android] Loners on Bus are recruiting (buying gems not required!)
  60. [Android] Bonded in Blood recruiting *No gem requirement*
  61. [ANDROID] TOP 50 Masters of Death recruiting NOW
  62. [ANDROID]Top 20 guild, QMOB, recruiting active players
  63. [ANDROID] Blood Roses is recruiting! JOIN US NOW *Gem Free Guild*
  64. [Android] Solaris - Top 25 NON-Gem Guild
  65. (Android) Aryan Alliance Lvl 73 Recruiting! 24 hour War push! RENTALS WELCOMED!
  66. (ANDROID) The Panda Lords are recruiting!!
  67. [Android] SAO Sword Art Online NOW RECRUITING
  68. Beastmode Gods Building a Top 25 team
  69. [ANDROID]Active NON-GEMMING guild seeking recruits
  70. looking for a home?
  71. Android guild Mithril Knight
  72. [iOS] Swedish Chef
  73. (Android) Aryan Alliance Recruiting! #145 last 24 Hour War!
  74. [ANDROID-TOP50] Join the KoT Collective TODAY!
  75. [ANDROID] - Good Ole Boys (Top 500)
  76. (Android) Aryan Alliance lead by a Mexican lol! #334 last War! Story behind the name
  77. [ANDROID] SG Knights now recruiting both hardcore and casual players!
  78. Dreadnought looking for small/but active guilds to merge with us. We are top 250.
  79. iOS: ForgeDragons Path regular Top 50
  80. [IOS] Royal Avengers (Recruiting)
  81. (Android) Aryan Alliance #334 last War! Recruiting!
  82. Android Deviants Are Recruiting
  83. Mithril knights recruiting level 43
  84. Top 25 guild looking to merge w/ other top 25 or top 50
  85. [Droid] Easygoing guild seeks members
  86. New Guild Recruiting
  87. (Android) Critically Acclaimed
  88. (Android) Aryan Alliance Recruiting! Active Non-Gemmers are ALWAYS WELCOMED!
  89. [Android] Perennial Lords
  90. (Android) Roman Empire Now Recruiting!
  91. New Guild for lvl 20+ players seeks new members. MUST be active..!!
  92. Join unholy hot mess (holy hot mess sub guild) [android]
  93. [Android] Darkness Slayers (under new management)
  94. Join EMPIRE, a free-gemming Top #100 guild!
  95. [iOS] ForgeDragons Path Reg T50 Recruiting!
  96. [iOS] Storm Power - A Casual Yet Committed Gem-Free Guild
  97. [ANDROID] Únete a SPAIN! La mejor Guild de habla española!
  98. Strong Non-Gem Spending iOS Guild Recruiting
  99. [iOS] Lords of the Morning Top 150 guild recruiting active players for July push!
  100. [IOS] Knights of Terror Recruitment
  101. [Android] Top 25 Team Unicorn Recruiting!!
  102. Groundswell (android) under new management lvl 75 guild
  103. (Android) The Shining Force
  104. Knights of Flame (T25) needs 5 members
  105. Android Aryan Alliance Went from ranked #338 to #223 last War! LINE app Needed
  106. Total War is inviting again!
  107. [IOS] FoT recruiting.
  108. ANDROID - Beastmode Gods - Top 10 - A Rebel Alliance
  109. (Android) The United Nation of Guilds - Aryan Alliance (LINE app needed)
  110. Menrule t100-10 guild
  111. (ANDROID) Kingdom Heart
  112. Holy hot mess recruting (android)
  113. [IOS] The First Watch
  114. [Android] Top 25 Team Unicorn Recruiting!!
  115. Slim shady recruiting!
  116. Observation
  117. Black Rose of the Sun - ioS
  118. Android guild Wrecking House is recruiting
  119. [Android] Above the Legends looking for active players!
  120. [Android] Tainted Region Top25+ PUSH
  121. [Android] Loners on Bus are recruiting (buying gems not required!)
  122. ***The Fisting 15th***
  123. TUTORIAL: How to take your guild to the top of war leaderboards!
  124. ex forsaken gm recruiting for fun playing (guild: voorfun)
  125. (iOS) Veni Vidi Vici. lvl 75 guild. First 14 applicates get HC position
  126. Top 25 Guild Darking Recruiting
  127. (iOS) Active guild MUGGLES looking for many Active Members!
  128. [IOS] Alae Infernum is recruiting!
  129. [ A N D R O I D ] Tainted Region TOP 100 GUILD Join the family!
  130. Best Android Guild Ever, a must read
  131. [iOS] Top25 guild Monkey Business and The MB Zoo, are recruiting!
  132. (Android) Champions Guild is recruiting - DP Alliance member
  133. Tired of inactive guilds? Wish you could earn better rewards? Look no further!
  134. (ANDROID) Hebrew Hammers Needs YOU!
  135. [ANDROID] The Immortals are Recruiting! Join the creme de la creme of knd
  136. finding for a top 50-250 guild
  137. Looking for Guilds and active members to join my Guild (iPhone)
  138. MeowMeowStarSoldiers
  139. (Android) Abyssel Top 250 Recruiting
  140. {iOS} MyLayla Black Cats recruiting!
  142. Aryan Alliance - The United Nations of Guilds! Spots open (Republic Alliance Members)
  143. [Android] Aus Brothers are recruiting!
  144. Android Guild Darkness Arise Recruiting
  145. Sunken Seas
  146. [ANDROID TOP 25 GUILD] QC POWER Recruiting
  147. ANDROID: Darkness Slayers now recruiting
  148. Azule Knights - Recruiting active members - Come join a great team Lvl 40+
  149. [ANDROID] Illinois guild recruiting/looking for fusion!
  150. [ANDROID] The Social Contract Is Recruiting - Lvl-40+
  151. (Android) Divergent Freaks Looking for Active Members
  152. Active guild that has kicked inactives
  153. [ANDROID] Become Part of the Majestic Nation
  154. (IOS) Space Midgets recruiting active players
  155. Looking for a home? (Android)
  156. [Rules] Posting in the Guild Recruitment Sub-Forum
  157. (ANDROID) Independent Guild - DCE - ranked #94 in recent 3 day guild war
  158. iOS guild looking for active players for frequent top 25 pushes
  159. Active guild TOTAL WAR looks for reinforcements!
  160. [Android-Top50] Unicorn Prospects
  161. (IOS ) Kings and Conquerors
  162. [ANDROID] SITH Guilds Recruitment
  163. (ANDROID) Sweet Limit Recruiting
  164. ANDROID: Game Of Thrones : Top 100
  165. The United Nations of Guilds ARYAN ALLIANCE! Spots open (Republic Alliance Members)
  166. Veni Vidi Vici Level 75 (iOS)
  167. [Top 100 -> to be Top25] Death Knights 2 recruiting
  168. StormKnights Recruiting- Maxed
  169. (IOS) Clan Of PAGAN STPunx Recruiting Members
  170. iOS Guild recruiting for top 10 push on raid boss
  171. [ANDROID] The Starks is recruiting!!!
  172. [ANDROID] Toxic Outlaws recruiting
  173. Looking for active players
  174. Max level guild seeking active members - Android
  175. IOS Reservoir Dogs
  176. {iOS} MyLayla Black Cats seeking loyal active players!
  177. SoIaris is recruiting
  178. The next High end Guild (Blunt Dabbitos) Recruiting!!!!!!
  179. [IOS] Italian Phoenix, la gilda italiana
  180. Recruiting for x Most Wanted x , finally my own thread yay! Bump it all you want :)
  181. [Android] Disorganized Crime
  182. [Android] Fitzlandia recruiting for active players
  183. [Android] SITH guild Freedom 35 is recruiting!
  184. ANDROID Subguild Majestic Recruiting
  185. Join Fedaykin on android - Be part of the SITH alliance
  186. (Android) KNIGHTS OF FURYANS (The Republic)
  187. Looking for active lvl 80+ players
  188. (Android) T25 Up Only guild is Recruiting (Free to play) Levels 30+
  189. a good home for all (android)
  190. Dragon Knights
  191. Storm Kings Recruiting. Top 500 guild.
  192. (Android) Phantom Incarnation !!!! Spots now available!!!
  193. Android guild looking for new members
  194. The Diablo is Recruiting!!..we finished #225 in last war
  195. IOS Blood Riders Top 100
  196. The Nine Divines is recruiting [Android]
  197. fedaykin 2 looking to add new players.
  198. Top 10 guild WAR Incorporated and family guilds recruiting
  199. Athena Rising - A Guild to Rise with [Android]
  200. Everybody can join
  201. Empire Sith guild recruiting
  202. Looking for senitile asap and some hc
  203. DEADLY SINZ an up and coming guild recruiting active players!
  204. Black Valor (iOS) recruiting
  205. Giant Slayers (Android)
  206. Spirit Bears
  207. [IOS] Angelic Guard Recruiting!!!!
  208. Zenandpeace Recruiting
  209. fedaykin and fedaykin 2 both recruiting (android)
  210. Calling out to all players.
  211. ANDROID: Game of Thrones
  212. The Resurrected
  213. Unity top 200 that makes top 25 runs
  214. ANDROID: Brutality
  215. [IOS] Angelic Guard Recruiting/Merge
  216. Middle tier guild recruiting
  217. Looking for new members-android
  218. Top 25 Criminal Legacy Syndicate Omedo Crew Looking for Experienced Gree Gamers
  219. Knights Reborn, android, Ranked Number 1 in Blitz!
  220. Super Baaaddd Recruiting on andriod
  221. Gravity, Join us in resurrection!
  222. Very active iOS guild looking for new members!
  223. Devistaion Wraiths T250 Guild
  224. [IOS] Angelic Guard Recruiting Active Players!!!!!!
  225. Black Valor (iOS) looking for members!!
  226. Phoenix Tail (iOS) looking for more (Currently around T100)
  227. IOS TOP 25/50 Guild - Leaders of Kaj / LoK Academy SAE alliance
  228. [ANDROID] Super Villains has openings!
  229. iOS looking for ️active players
  230. The Forsaken Warrior is recruiting! [Android]
  231. [IOS] They Destroyed Recrut
  232. Join Majestic Legion
  233. Super Baaaddd Recruiting on andriod
  234. Kings Without Crowns
  235. [IOS] Norse Berserkers Recruiting T100
  236. (IOS) Infernal Knights45 We want YOU! Recruiting 11-infinity
  237. (Android) Super Baaaddd Is recruiting
  238. (Android) Lords of Nurgle is inviting new active players.
  239. [iOS] T100 TRUE FALLEN ANGELS - Recruiting!!!
  240. NEW GUILD - Men in Ties - Free Play
  241. [iOS] Dutch Kings Revenge is recruiting!
  242. [IOS] Norse Berserkers Recruiting Level 100+/Merging
  243. Super Baaaddd Recruiting on andriod
  244. [iOS] Top 25 Guild The Noble Knights
  245. Android Avengers is recruiting!! Fully Maxed Guild
  246. ANDROID - New Guild ***Men In Ties*** (MIT) - A Top 10 Sub Guild
  247. IOS Tiny Indigo
  248. Maxed guild Team FlameOn is recruiting (ANDROID)
  249. [Android] Family Values
  250. Game of Thrones (android)