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  1. IOS Guild Cloud IX
  2. [IOS] Norse Berserkers Recruiting
  3. Black valor looking for recruits!!
  4. [iOS] FDT is looking for ACTIVE players!
  5. Looking for top 25 guild upcoming war
  6. Souls of Atlantis
  7. (IOS) Onko Suomalaisia pelaajia jotka haluavat pelata suomeksi?
  8. *****Star Hunters*****Maxed Elements*****
  9. The Clan Of PAGAN St Punx is recruiting
  10. Join Unicorn Stampede Ios
  11. The Mighty Storm
  12. Alliance
  13. Looking for top 25 guilds
  14. [IOS] Norse Berserkers Recruiting 50+ Must be ACTIVE!!!!!
  15. (iOS) The Clan Of Pagan St Punx is recruiting
  16. Veni Vidi Vici (iOS)
  17. MMA Academy - the education to mixed martial arts (ios)
  18. [Droid] Meteor Pirates - Add an Arrgh To your life! - MajB sub recruiting
  19. The Immortals - Is this real life?! - A Majestic Bulls Guild recruiting [droid]
  20. MaJestic Alliance - A New Beginning - MajB Top 250 Guild wants YOU!
  21. T100 Guild Recruiting
  22. iOS; Veni Vidi Vici (V3) and Veni Vidi (V2)
  23. Fun, maxed guild (iOS) -> hollanders. Non-europeans lv 100+ needed!
  24. The Blood Tigers (recruiting)!!!!!!!!
  25. Very simple! Want a great Maxed Guild/family? Join "DcN" on Android
  26. (Android) Join Knights of Thrones TODAY!! KoTC RECRUITING
  27. ( Android ) Key To Oblivion
  28. Dark cloud recruiting
  29. Super Villains are recruiting! Epic name Epic guild Epic prizes??? [droids]
  30. Extra Life participant looking to start a K&D presence
  31. Recruiting active players for t50/25 guild (iOS)
  32. iOS NDK FTW
  33. [IOS] Norse Berserkers T200 Guild Recruiting
  34. BNF (Best New Friend) Ios Guild Recruiting
  35. guild Smileychen is recruiting
  36. Dark Empire Warriors are in need of new members! lvl 11 and above!
  37. Looking for a top 500 guild on iOS
  38. fun active guild seeking recruits.
  39. Guild Heroes Of Heaven
  40. iOS Lords of the Morning
  41. IOS Top 10 guilds
  42. ""The Group"""
  43. [ANDROID]WhiteB3ARD Pirates are recruiting ACTIVE PLAYERS (Low lvl or high lvl)
  44. Independent Top 25 The D
  45. [iOS Guild] RAINSTORM - Recruiting Active Geared Players
  46. Army Of Revan
  47. Gods of Guilds (Anyone can join!)
  48. [Android] Internal Balance is Recruiting! 100+
  49. Dawn of the Dragons (Android )
  50. The Depths Of Hell (New Android Guild)
  51. Level 75 Aryan Alliance Back from the Dead! Maxed Element Boosts! (ANDROID) Merge 2
  52. ISO Knights & Dragons / Guild Recuitment / KSG
  53. iOS Guild
  54. Android Top 250 FORSAKEN HEROES is looking for new members
  55. Lokking for memembers
  56. iOS Elite Rainbows now RECRUITING!
  57. KUQ Top 100
  58. super villains looking for some evil recruits
  59. Ritellian Knights
  60. [aandroid] The Vandals t25 guild - part of EMPIRE ALLIANCE.
  61. Ultima fury now recruiting
  62. DARQ! A Top 100 guild looking is recruiting.
  63. The Rainbow Squirters Recruiting
  64. BNF Top 100 Guild Recruiting
  65. (Android) Independent guild Storm Kings recruiting!
  66. DARQ! A T100 IOS guild is recruiting!
  67. Top 25, Top 10, Top Guild, These are Nine Tail Beast Bomb goals. Are they yours?
  68. Join Deaths Dynasty (Android) Lvl 75 Guild Maxed Elemental Bonuses
  69. Vengeful knights (new guild recruiting)
  70. DARQ😈! A IOS T100 guild is recruiting!
  71. Chaos Consortium - IOS, new guild recruiting
  72. [ANDROID] T500 guild ELITE IRISH
  73. [Android] Suomi Finland recruiting...in finnish
  74. T100 guild recruiting(iOS)--> Hollanders. Non- europeans needed
  75. DARQ! A t100 iOS guild is recruiting!
  76. android guild recruiting
  77. PSB Recruiting
  78. guild recruitment For Aesir Knights
  79. android guild recruitment For Aesir Knights
  81. Guards of Valhalla. active
  82. Sasuke Uchiha (ios) is looking for active members!!!!
  83. IOS - Sugoi Warriors looking for new recruits.
  84. DARQ! A t100 iOS guild is recruiting!
  85. Android. Rank 22 The D only needs one more.
  86. Philadelphia Flyers Guild Recruitment [Android]
  87. The guild Black Phoenix is Recruiting! (100+ only)
  88. Night sprites seeking new active members!
  89. tdk the drunk knights are recruiting
  90. Vr valiant raid based guild
  91. (android) Aussie Knights need more active members
  92. rising metal
  93. [IOS] Norse Berserkers T150 Guild Recruiting
  94. [IOS] Norse Berserkers T150 Guild Recruiting
  95. Join Vicetone Savages (Maxed Android Guild)
  96. ***Join our guild***
  97. (Android) Drunk Noobs
  98. Android Guild - SS Super Soldiers!
  99. keys of music (android) t100/50
  100. [Northern Warriors] is recruiting on android.
  101. Guild Recruitment "Killers Of The Nem"
  102. Trying to build a Guild
  103. [Android] The Awakened is recruiting..
  104. Recruiting, need more members.
  105. TOP 200 (ios) Funguild recruiting new Members
  106. DARQ! A top100 iOS guild is recruiting!
  107. Recruiting for Infinty Enclave on Android
  108. [Android] Rushka Empire is recruiting
  109. Crazy dragons looking for merge!!! iOS only
  110. rising metal is recruiting (android)
  111. Grand Knight Corps. Recruiting active players IOS
  112. 3D/War family training guild. Looking for knights that want more
  113. Dawn Of The End is looking for active members
  114. iOS Eterna Honor is recruiting.
  115. Dawn Of The End(ANDROID) is looking for active members
  116. Chrono Trigger (iOS) looking for members
  117. "Academy of OTSS" and "OTSS" now recruiting.
  118. Spiritual Guardians Guild recruitment.
  119. Bloodmouth Max LVL Guild w/ HC spots
  120. IOS Stunning Guild (Lvl 40+) getting ready for war
  121. DARQ! A Top 100 guild looking is recruiting.
  122. Deutschsprachige Gilde Wiener Blut sucht noch Members
  123. (IOS) Live 2 Play is recruiting!
  124. (Android) The Revolution is recruiting
  125. Maxed ANDROID Vicetone Savages is looking for new members
  126. Join DARQ! Consistant t50 iOS guild is recruiting!
  127. PSB Recruiting (iOS) Top 100/250
  128. (Android) looking for guild Merger
  129. Chaos Avengers IOS
  130. Android Knights & Dragons/ Guild Recruitment/ KB (Kill Bill)
  131. Looking for someone cool and very active and fun to co-found guild with
  132. keys of music (android) t50
  133. Guild: Polska GRA
  134. [ANDROID] Yeezy World Guild is recruting! Newcomers and dedicated players wanted!
  135. Obsidian Sky
  136. The Zenians
  137. Android. The D.
  138. Join Renegade Kings
  139. [Android] Looking for a guild merge!
  140. accepting new members- DTMT
  141. Norse Berserkers and Berserkers Alliance Recruiting!!!
  142. keys of music (android) ranked #13 last war
  143. Retied Knights seeking members
  144. [android] Wargasm
  145. Family active friendly guild
  146. Join BloodBoy!
  147. Maxed guild looking for a few new recruits
  148. Nuevo Guild Español
  149. Lonely Wolve seeks solid active Guild
  150. Dark Cloud International recruiting
  151. keys of music (android) ranked #13 last war
  152. android Xxdogsofwarxx
  153. Few of many recruiting (ios)
  154. Merger??
  155. The Dark Sides (iOS guild) is recruiting
  156. [IOS] GermanLegendsAcademy rekrutiert!
  157. I Am Looking For A T25 Guild!
  159. Bring The Rain (BTR) Top 25 Maxed Guild! Now Recruiting!
  160. [Android] Chaos Starters - Majestic Bulls [3D]
  161. ios. What Ever Recruiting
  162. America Ninja
  163. SKGZ recruiting
  164. keys of music (android) t100/50
  165. TSC LVL 75 Element Bonuses Maxxed
  166. Disciples of Grim IOS Lvl 75
  167. Fallen Angel Lords (iOS)
  168. Keys of Music
  169. Keys of Music t50/100 (Android)
  170. Updated "bumping" Rule for Recruitment Threads
  171. [Android] UP is recruiting! top 10 guild in the Gyspy Alliance seeks new prospects!
  172. [Android] Tang - Recruiting All!
  173. Guild name change???
  174. small very active guild looking for new members
  175. Uprising Rivals is recruiting!
  176. brain himorrhage recruit
  177. [Android] Lords of Nurgle is looking for a few good knights
  178. [Android] OverPrestige (Now Recruiting)
  179. Society Of Blades (Apple)
  180. American Ninja Recruitment
  181. [iOS] Top10/25 guild Monkey Business is recruiting!
  182. Max lvl/bonus guild recruiting
  183. Norse Berserkers/BFA Recruiting
  184. Level 26 Guild Anyone Can Join
  185. IOS - BNF ( Best New Friend) is recruiting
  186. (iOS) GEKKO STATE: recruiting board
  187. Singapore Legends - RA's non strip guild
  188. German Ownage rekrutiert !
  189. Recruiting for Shadow Sentinels
  190. lvl 20
  191. Shadow Sentinels is recruiting!
  192. SteelHeart Slayers reqruiting
  193. -Join Extreme- All are welcome (Must use line)
  194. [iOS] Assorted Nightmare - Looking for active players!
  195. Unstoppable Warriors - An Empire Guild
  196. [Android] War Incorporated
  197. Chrono Trigger (iOS) recruiting
  198. Looking for members for Night Raid1230 guild
  199. Shadow Sentinels! NR Family
  200. Few of many recruiting
  201. Join Wusel Wiesel (andriod)
  202. New Guild
  203. New Guild for Criminal Legacy transferrees
  204. The New Protectors accepting new members
  205. Friendly active family guild
  206. V3Guild is recruiting active players
  207. HOLY HOT MESS, Join our growing family
  208. Wanted guild to go for top 10 run
  209. [Android] Extreme is recruiting [Coalition Alliance]
  210. IOS Recruiting Night Raid1230
  211. Android. Join DarkNights!
  212. droid the GRIM REAPERZ are looking for new recruits
  213. Shadowed now recruiting!! iOS
  214. liquid
  215. Shaolin vs Wu Tang Recruiting for big runs (Android)
  216. Daddys Girls (android) Recruiting
  217. Knights of Thrones actively recruiting (android)
  218. BNF IOS Platform Recruiting
  219. (iOS) Clan of Pagan StPUNX is recruiting
  220. [Android] SG Knights best night crew in KnD recruiting!! Top 10 guild
  221. *****The Blood Tigers are recruiting********!!!!!!
  222. Demonic Possession
  223. Demonic Possession (ANDROID guild)
  224. [Android] Shadows of War T100 -T25 DKE
  225. who what's go be a leader of the heartless I am quiting
  226. New Members for Germany1
  227. UNDERDOGS maxed element guild
  228. [ANDROID] |ΠNorthern WarriorsΠ| recruiting!
  229. Tailed Beast Goes Recruiting!!![ANDROID]
  230. Outta dis world
  231. The Spirit World• Max stat guild• Looking for recruits through the app "line"•
  232. ***😎Followers of Christ😎 iOS
  233. iOS guild recruitment HARVEYS HEROES
  234. (ios) psb
  235. recruiting for dark heros path
  236. Guild recruiting
  237. best guild you will ever be in
  238. Friendly and active android guild recruiting!
  239. recruitment
  240. looking for an active guild for IOS users
  241. Android guild: Shadow Sentinels
  242. Nordic Dawn Recruiting
  243. DARQ. A T25 iOS guild wants you!!!
  244. Circus Flying Pony Recruiting
  245. IOS K&D Guild CFP Recruiting
  246. TheProLeague is reqruting. We are all active and fight.
  247. Join pale horse (top 300 guild recruiting now on android)
  248. IceBlooded Recruiting (iOS)
  249. The Zenians
  250. [Android] Are you Demented?