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  1. (iOS) Demonic Dynasty T25 RA guild lvl75 all elements maxed
  2. [Android] Internal Balance is Recruiting! 100+
  3. CRAZY DRAGONS(iOS)IS RECRUITING MEMBERS (currently top 300) pushing for top 100.
  4. (Android)Forgotten Empire recruiting!
  5. (android) original gods
  6. Devotion Recruiting
  7. 7th Sons - Android - looking for serious players only!
  8. [iOS] T50 ForgeDragons Path Recruting
  9. (Android) looking for top 25 for this weekend!
  10. [iOS] The Zenians
  11. Clan Bloodborne read this post!!!
  12. The Brotherhood is recruiting!
  13. Aryan Alliance (Level 75) HC Promotion every 3 Day War (Will Merge with Other Guild)
  14. Join Bacon Slayers
  15. Shadowed now recruiting!!
  16. [Droid] Aussies are recruiting! T100/250, MajB 3D
  17. Insurrectionists looking for members!
  18. Live 2 play is recruiting!
  19. Come Join Us!
  20. (iOS) DEMONIC DYNASTY now recruiting t100 guild
  21. iOS Successful, fun, friendly, family-like guild recruiting
  22. [IOS] - Rockys Army Recruitment
  23. New guild! We're called Hurricane Guild and we need some new recruits!
  24. Join Bacon Slayers
  25. Angus - Prime Beef for Prime Rankings - Majestic Bulls Family {3D Alliance, Android}
  26. [iOS] --Reservoir Wolves-- Reservoir Family, TNT
  27. Heros of fire ios
  28. n1ght str1k3rz maxed guild (android)
  29. iOS Guild & Family TPC are recruiting
  30. (IOS) Jungle Cats Are Looking For Active Players
  31. Top 25 ios guild recruiting.
  32. [Android] Darkness Reborn - max level/max element
  33. Lords of the Morning (iOS) recruiting for t25 raid push
  34. Android *New Guild* SUGAR RUSH!!!! -
  35. Join Bacon Slayers/Zebra Lovers
  36. IOS, Level 75, Clan of Pagan StPUNX Is Recruiting
  37. Powers recruiting top 100
  38. Warriors Of Fujin - Recruiting
  39. Top 500: Warriors Of Fujin - Recruiting
  40. Singapore Legends
  41. (ANDROID) DragonsBaine is recruiting
  42. [DROID] Sofa King Pro is recruiting!
  43. [IOS] Rogue District 2 (sub to the t50 guild rD) is recruiting lv 50+
  44. [DROID] Looking for Guild Merge!
  45. Android Guild Looking For Players To Do Top 10 Run Next Raid.
  46. Android Guild Looking For Players To Do Top 10 Run Next Raid.
  47. [Android] 3D alliance guild Thundera is recruiting!
  48. [ios] iceblooded recruiting
  49. iOS guild The Players Club & TeePeeCee recruiting
  50. [Android] BlueCollars (T250 independent guild) recruiting
  51. Bring The Rain (BTR) - Proven Top 10 Guild - Regular Runs - Now Recruiting!
  52. [ANDROID] Lvl 71 Guild with 38 levels of bonuses
  53. andriod guild : Lost Chaos Team
  54. the soviets are recruiting
  55. Pitch Black & CotS Family
  56. IOS Asgard Reformed is recruiting
  57. Android. DarkNights. Be there or be square.
  58. Team Unicorn The Original and Only "HERD"
  59. Dragon Warlords looking for Knights (Droid)
  60. iOS (Royal Avengers) Recruiting
  61. JOIN Tailed Beast Godz !!!(ANROID)
  62. [Android] The New Order (TNO) Looking for Members!
  63. [Android] QMob sub guild, Thundera is recruiting.
  64. (Android) BeastMode Gods Recruiting
  65. iOS Guild / Aramadan
  66. Empire Rejection
  67. IOS guild in top ranked family
  68. Conquering Knights - Join an Awesome Guild Now!
  69. Phoenix Tail (iOS) looking for active members
  70. Disciples of Ares
  71. Twilight brigade
  72. [Android] Unicorn Prospects
  73. (APPLE) Sky11High is recruiting rank 320 17/34
  74. [Android] Knights United FC is recruiting!
  75. t50 (Android) Knights of Thrones recruiting
  76. IOs Touch Family Guild Underdogs
  77. Wlf Italy is looking for new members
  78. [Android] The New Order still looking for players!!!
  79. WARRIORS OF FUJIN - Android
  80. cowboys1
  81. iOS Guild LoK Academy T150 Recruiting Active members
  82. Lords of Hellfire - Casual and Semi Active
  83. East Coast Clan
  84. Centurions Academy Alliance.
  85. members needed
  86. guild members my friend code wcd-rfc-wcr
  87. Dutch Valley IOS
  88. The Kings Finest is recruiting
  89. Veni Vidi Vici (iOS)
  90. The Dark Tower (iOS) is recuiting
  91. (iOS) Live 2 Play is recruiting!
  92. Forged In Fire is recruiting and we want YOU!
  93. Rolling Chunder, a sub guild of Knights Reborn is recruiting! (Android)
  94. android users recruiting fo 3d alliance
  95. lvl 75 guild Darkness of Oblivion (Android) looking for active members
  96. [IOS] Guild Circus Flying Ponies CFP lvl 75 , looking for Members.
  97. Join The Footclan
  98. (android) level 372 player looking for a guild
  99. Horsemen of War recruitment
  100. [Android] Recruiting Knights that want to get stronger!
  101. https://youtu.be/_INSksG6Dkc Check out this guild
  102. [Android] ~*^Tectonic Tintans^*~ wants you!
  103. Disciples of Grim (iOS) recruiting
  104. (Android) Wait!!! Dont scroll any further....Forge for Fiends
  105. Looking for active guild
  106. Gods of Ra is recruiting
  107. The Legion of Dragon is recruiting!
  108. The soviets recruiting
  109. The True Hearted (iOS) Recruiting
  110. We Make A Bang (IOS Guild)
  111. We Make A Bang (IOS)
  112. Order Of Seraphim level 40+ to grow with us
  113. Android. The D rank 20.
  114. Wrong Side of Heaven Recruitment
  115. Less then a Week Old! GuilDelicious is recruiting! (Level 17) Ego Free Guild (EFG)
  116. Recurring for Unicorn Attack
  117. Android: Allied under majestic/3d meteor pirates in now recruiting!! Top 100
  118. Growing alliance in search of neutral and unhappy guilds!
  119. Underdogs recruiting, all maxed Touch member
  120. (iOS) Gods of Ra is recruiting!
  121. Rainbow Rulers is Back and Recruiting! (iOS)
  122. Looking for a friendly F2P guild
  123. Mega brasilia recruta todos lvl
  124. LODragons (iOS) -ResF- -RiP- >Maxed<
  125. Aztec Knights Recruiting
  126. AncientSouls [Android]
  127. Undying is recruiting casual but active players! Veteran player at the helm ;)
  128. Looking for a Guild to join, please read post
  129. Top 25 - t10 guild
  130. CRAZY DRAGONS iOS guild recruiting (top 100)
  131. IOS Dutch Valley's
  132. Kings Sages of Rainbow Alliance is Recruiting Full time members
  133. iOS Knights Of Khaos {KOK} Recruiting...
  134. iOS KNIGHTS!!! King Sages of Rainbow Alliance is recruiting FULL TIME MEMBERS
  135. (IOS) Jabbas Nuts now recruiting
  136. Seeking raid oriented players.
  137. Guild mega brasilia recrutar / recruit grupo no line / party on line.
  138. Teepeecee recruiting
  139. TheLastFamily Recruiting!!
  140. We dem boyzzz Looking for active players.
  141. East Coast Clan
  142. (Android) Meteor Pirates and subs recruiting!
  144. Dont add
  145. IOS Family of Guilds recruiting all Player levels
  146. Chaos Consortium (IOS) recruiting
  147. [ANDROID] Nightmare Recruiting
  148. Rainbow Clay is Recruiting! (iOS)
  149. DK Forsaken guild is looking for active players or a guild merge
  150. (iOS) Star War is Recruiting
  151. Top ios guild looking for members
  152. Very good Android guild looking for quality players
  153. Jungle cats is recruiting now -ios
  154. The Dragon Reapers Lv 48 All boost at 8% 11/32 members Everyone's welcome to join
  155. Active guild looking for active players and a alliance to join
  156. Family fun active guild in Knights n dragons must have line ty
  157. looking for people to join my new guild
  158. ( android) looking for new knights to join my guild :D :D
  159. Worlds Blaze Recruitment
  160. Vti legends
  161. Magic Dragon Riders Recruitment
  162. Guild Warriors - recruiting now!
  163. DOJO guild is looking for great new members
  164. Wild Kingdom Looking for Active Members!
  165. How do you Join Allliances?
  166. AnO iOS alliance is looking for guilds to join
  167. Guess who is recruiting
  168. Active only
  169. Chaos Consortium (IOS) is recruiting
  170. Kings & Conquerors now recruiting
  171. G R & Family are recruiting! [IOS]
  172. Sweet Limit Recruiting
  173. Looking for a powerful guild
  174. The Flight O Dragons (iOS)
  175. BMG Recruiting (Android)
  176. Dracos Flare Reborn (Android)
  177. The Rainbow Might t10 RA Guild is recruiting
  178. New guild looking for members.
  179. Dracos Flare Reborn (Android)
  180. The Fat Lards (IOS)
  181. Arrogant Crusaders (Android)
  182. Vengeance With Honor (android)
  183. Legion of death
  184. ***chaotic souls*** recruiting now
  185. ********** NovaWolf Pack 2 **********
  186. Lvl 198 need t250+ guild on android
  187. looking for a guild?
  188. [DROID] Ill Tempered Sea Bass Recruiting!
  189. T25 Raid Guild RECRUITING NOW Arrogant Crusaders
  190. Guild undecided is recruiting!!!!
  191. Dragan stars family
  192. The Zenians: Looking for members and a Family
  193. LoK Academy recruiting!!! iOS
  194. {android} gm28 recruiting knights!!!
  195. War Incorporated & WiAf Family
  196. Jungle Cats now recruiting! (Ios)
  197. Angus & Aussies
  198. Anarchy rising maxed guild recruiting
  199. High Water Knights(HWK) is recruiting!!
  200. Android K&D Based Guild Recruiting TRF
  201. ****ATTENTION iOS Players****
  202. iOS Guild recruiting, DARQ Knights
  203. Looking for a new guild IOS
  204. Android guild seeking members Fawkesion
  205. [Android] SG Knights best night crew in KnD recruiting!! [SOB Alliance] [Empire]
  206. EPIC WONDERS007 is looking for new members(iOS)
  207. iOS guild recruiting Royal Avengers
  208. Black Plague (US Server[IOS])
  209. Anarchy rising is recruiting t250 and up!!
  210. Slippery Slopes new guild Android
  211. Rainbow Europe (EU Server iOS) is Recruiting!
  212. [Android] The Green Dragon Inn is recruiting
  213. Solamnic Knights (android) recruitment
  214. Android Players! Awesome Guild recruiting! Don't miss out
  215. ** IMPORTANT NEWS For All iOS Knd Players!!
  216. Phoebus Rising is recruiting
  217. Recruiting! Into The Nothing
  218. [DROID] Ill Tempered Sea Bas looking for sharks with lazor beams
  219. Guild "The Rising Legion" is recruiting new members!!! :D
  220. Android, Bates Motel 100 max, T100-T25 guild recruiting
  221. Bates Motel/EUC - Global/Android Recruiting