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  1. [How To] Upgrading to the iPhone 6s or 6s plus? Read This First!
  2. Hate & Revenge Event is LIVE!
  3. Hate & Revenge Event is LIVE!
  4. No confirmation on purchasing Accomplices on iOS devices.
  5. LE Upgrade Expert cost issue
  6. NEW Hardcore Boss Event 6/13
  7. [NEW] Kingpin Rewards!
  8. Temporary Bonus UI Update! (Updated: FAQ added)
  9. Introducing the updated Goal screen!
  10. Daylight Savings Maintenance [Sunday March 12]
  11. 5/9/2017: Event Calendar and Raid Boss Issue
  12. Crime full July awaits the mobsters
  13. Syndicate materials in July
  14. Compensation for Tavern Attack- Syndicate Materials and Mega Bundle
  15. August Cycle Update
  16. DDoS Attacks on CC
  17. September Cycle Update
  18. Compensation for Events during DDos Attacks
  19. HCB Chris Jackson compensation follow up
  20. Client and Server update - 09-07-2017
  21. iOS 11 issues
  22. No gold sales for upcoming weekend
  23. October Cycle Update
  24. Halloween in Crime City
  25. November Cycle Update
  26. Daylight Saving Maintenance on Sunday
  27. The Great Pumpkin Truth! - Rhymed Passes distribution
  28. Winter in Crime City
  29. December Cycle Update
  30. No gold sales for the upcoming gap weekends
  31. Android Connection Issue
  32. Server Stability Issue
  33. Sales and Bundles Test
  34. Situation about Kingpin level drops due to lack of events
  35. March Cycle Update
  36. March 11th Daylight Savings Time Maintenance
  37. Additional items for the Compensation Mega Bundle
  38. Kingpin Level Boost
  39. Extra Gold on Street Assault Goals
  40. Issues with the BfEC Crime Family
  41. Cached Memory Issues