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  1. Battle for Empire City: Market Plaza Winners
  2. Battle for Packer Heights Winners List
  3. Battle for Chinatown Winners List
  4. Smuggler's Crate Winners List!
  5. Battle for Empire City: Docks Under Siege Winners List
  6. Escort Handbag Winners List
  7. Battle for Empire City: Red Light District Romp Winners List
  8. File Case Leaderboard Winners List
  9. Civic Center Rumble Winners List!
  10. Trouble in Chinatown Syndicate vs. Syndicate Winners List
  11. Relic Case Leaderboard Winners!
  12. Battle for Monument Park Winners List!!
  13. West Side Standoff Winners List
  14. Boardwalk Bash Winners List
  15. Arch Enemies Winners List
  16. Treat Bag Winners!
  17. Graveyard Rampage Winners List
  18. FiDi Fallout Winners List
  19. Guitar Case Winners List!
  20. High Roller Case Leaderboard Winners List
  21. BFEC: Club District Winners List
  22. Winners List for the Nightlife District WD
  23. Battle for Empire City: Seaside Shoot-out Winners List
  24. Key Wallet Event Winners
  25. Battle for Empire City: Bay Harbor Beach Winners List
  26. Trackside Slums Winners List
  27. Hot Rod Winners List
  28. Battle for Empire City: Russian District Winner's List
  29. Black Market Event Winners
  30. [Winners] Deadman's Pier
  31. [Winners] Downtown Domination
  32. [Winners] San Juan Showdown
  33. [Winners] Crook's Alley Crackdown
  34. [Winners] Crook's Alley Crackdown Syndicates
  35. [Winners] South End Projects
  36. [Winners] Soho Smackdown
  37. [Winners] Concord Turnpike
  38. [Winners] Empire Square
  39. [Winners] Longacre
  40. [Winners] Cast Iron Conflict
  41. [Winners] Briarwood Blowout
  42. [Winners] Hillcrest Massacre
  43. [Winners] Street Assault: 187 Interchange
  44. [Winners] Battle for EC: Japan Town
  45. [Winners] Street Assault: Chesters Court
  46. [Winners] Battle for EC: Pagoda Panic
  47. Individual Rewards for Battle of Empire City - Cartel Compound
  48. Crime City Rewards for Battle for EC Broadway Bowl - Syndicate Rewards
  49. Crime City Rewards for Battle for EC Broadway Bowl - Individual Rewards
  50. [Winners] Street Assault: Metro Center
  51. [Winners] Battle for EC: Broadway Bowl
  52. [Winners] Street Assault: Shadyview Lane
  53. [Winners] Battle for EC: Liberty Park
  54. [Winners] Street Assault: Broadway Roundabout
  55. [Winners] Battle for EC: Cartel Compound
  56. [Prizes] Street Assault: City Plaza
  57. [Winners] Street Assault: City Plaza
  58. [Winners] Battle for EC: Chemical Plant
  59. [Winners] Street Assault: Crimson Alley
  60. [Prizes] Battle for EC: Duel for the Deuces
  61. [Winners] Crime City: Battle for EC: Duel for Deuces
  62. [Winners] Street Assault: Havana Avenida
  63. [Winners] Street Assault: Off-Duty Dustup
  64. [Winners] Street Assault: Bootcamp Battle
  65. [WINNERS] Battle For EC: Army Base Brawl
  66. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Circulation Sluggers
  67. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Domino Throwdown
  68. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: North Side Massacre
  69. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Westchester Ruckus
  70. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Fallkill Frenzy
  71. [WINNERS] Street Assault: MidHudson Massacre
  72. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Fairview Freakout
  73. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Riptide Rampage
  74. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Shoreline Shootout
  75. [WINNERS] Street Assault: 24 Carat Corruption
  76. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Star-Spangled Slammer
  77. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Bourgeois Blowout
  78. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Cosa Nostra Riot
  79. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Cosa Nostra Riot
  80. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Sewage Slaughter
  81. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Restaurant Rampage
  82. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Compost Carnage
  83. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Septic Showdown
  84. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Scrapmetal Scrimmage
  85. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Corroding Corruption
  86. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Glocks and Steel
  87. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Salvage Strife
  88. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Mangled Mayhem
  89. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Sediment Squabble
  90. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Dramatic Dilemma
  91. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Concerto Calamity
  92. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Bombs and Bagpipes
  93. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Ballroom Fritz
  94. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Athletic Assault
  95. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Rink Ruckus
  96. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Olympic Onslaught
  97. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Playoff Punishment
  98. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Championship Conflict
  99. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Jailyard Joust
  100. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Prison Riot
  101. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Cell Block Scuffle
  102. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Slammer Showdown
  103. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Dining Car Duel
  104. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Failroad Rampage
  105. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Roundhouse Roughing
  106. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Muay Thai Mayhem
  107. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Haymaker Showdown
  108. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Red-Eye Ravage
  109. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Basher Brawl
  110. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Manifold Mayhem
  111. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Bobber Bash
  112. [WINNERS] Battle for EC: Angler Assault
  113. [WINNERS] Street Assault: Fishhook feud (1/23/17)
  114. [Winners Top 500][Syndicate] Carnival Chase 2/24-2/27
  115. [Winners Top 500][Individual] Carnival Chase 2/24-2/27
  116. [March 3 - 6] Street Assault Weekend: SALE and crate!
  117. [Winners Top 500][Individual] Cubicle Clash 3/3-3/6
  118. [Winners Top 500][Syndicate] Cubicle Clash 3/3-3/6
  119. [Winners Top 500][Syndicate] Office Onslaught 3/24-3/27
  120. [Winners Top 500] Office Onslaught 3/24-3/27
  121. [Winners Top 500] Street Assault: Cosa Nostra Rampage 7/07-7/10
  122. [Winners Top 500][Syndicate] Street Assault: Cosa Nostra Rampage 7/07-7/10
  123. [Winners Top 500] Battle for EC: Citywide Fire 7/14 - 7/17
  124. [Winners Top 500][Syndicate] Battle for EC: Citywide Fire 7/14 - 7/17
  125. [Winners Top 500][Syndicate] Street Assault: Crown Point Majesty 7/21 - 7/24
  126. [Winners Top 500] Street Assault: Crown Point Majesty 7/21 - 7/24
  127. [Winners Top 500] Battle for EC: Chinatown Splash 8/4 - 8/7
  128. [Winners Top 500][Syndicate] Battle for EC: Chinatown Splash 8/4 - 8/7