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  1. Rage of the Unholy LTQ Event & prizes..!
  2. What Level Are You?
  3. Experience glitch current LTQ
  4. Experence bugged in current ltq?
  5. Thoughts and ideas
  6. Role call: who all is sitting out this ltq
  7. Top players will be top forever
  8. This quest sucks big time.
  9. Put the raid boss out already
  10. Problem with getting awarded Spear Guardian of Aramachus
  11. Free Gems???
  12. Nice job Gree
  13. Free gems
  14. SIRIUS... I have found another possible WRONG UNIT in the Rage of the Unholy LTQ...
  15. Mispelling or typo units, weapons, armors
  16. Constructive, balancing, fixes for HLPS
  17. Who can exactly see your boosted stats
  18. Time for treasure hunting?
  19. Defeat the Soul Sucker LTQ & GLTQ
  20. All 9 Units
  21. Yesterdays Boss Glitch
  22. Boss event and xp
  23. Frozen Relics
  24. Soul sucker crash
  25. PvP LTQ's
  26. Thank you Sirius
  27. Boss tiers
  28. Guild Quests
  29. Issue with being awarded Spear Guardian of Aramachus (Ticket # 826445)
  30. Balancing Stats
  31. Boss Kills not counting on Guild Quest. Just me or happening to others too?
  32. Good Luck KA Addicts
  33. List of Shipwreck Cove prizes
  34. The odds are getting worse on the box events
  35. New Event - 'Beseiging the Buried City'
  36. Ranking List?? Where are you???
  37. Update 2.0 out now!!!
  38. WARNING.....Gen 1&2 IPAD Users
  39. Thank you Gree!
  40. Help...my iPhone 4 can't login after my update!!
  41. Problem with gems.
  42. SIRIUS, any word on a patch to the update?
  43. Raiding - getting ridiculous
  44. Lack of communication
  45. Newest Update Issues!!!???
  46. Once again Gree is not helping or providing us any solutions
  47. Boss 50 without gems?
  48. Unable to admit or be admitted into guilds
  49. Experiencing repeated crashing after updating to 2.0? Read here for the fix!
  50. Relic trading...what??? Oh wait what about......
  51. My Guild Browsing Experience
  52. Help raise 50 gems to give back to GREE
  53. A Kingdom Age overview
  54. Shipwreck Cove rankings FULL LIST!!!
  55. Gree: Raid boss
  56. Changing the name of the guild
  57. Look out! Raid Boss Event in bound!
  58. Raid boss loot
  59. GQ: Into the Depths of Hell (1/15) & GQ (H): The Inner Sanctum of Hell (16/30) Prizes
  60. What guilds are already done?
  61. Orbs; 90% drop rates and we are definitely not buying them!!
  62. Raid Boss Prizes awarded by qualifying damage or ranking?
  63. SIRIUS - please address the issue of being stuck on 24/30 of the raid boss event
  64. GQ spreadsheet
  65. Raid boss stopped dropping loot to eligible players
  66. Best Guild Upgrades
  68. Raid Boss LTGQ - Rewards/Drops
  69. Orb Drops
  70. @SIRIUS: Orbs... will they dissappear after the event or stay in the guild vault?
  71. Wow, really GREE?
  72. Lost save after transfer in iPad
  73. Looking for merc's who want to beat this quest
  74. Opening the game, cant get past chest and buy-gem screens
  75. GREE need help with non resolved issue.
  76. Has level 24 bug been fixed?
  77. Will "left over blue orbs" we useful after this Boss-Quest?
  78. Stuck on level 28
  80. Intel share
  81. Level 26 (GLTQ) Raid Boss Time
  82. Eternal Death LTQ/GLTQ
  83. What is GREE doing about all of these unrewarded Raid Bosses?
  84. Get the 2 baddest rewards Gree has ever offered
  85. Ancient Obelisks Rank 1 & 2 Epic battle!
  86. Anyone remember this unit?
  87. Stuck killing additional boss because we aren't getting credit
  88. When will the new Ltq launch?
  89. WiFi vs 3G/4G and version 2.0
  90. Shaigoth Raid Boss winners list - in rank order
  91. Quest up.
  92. Eternal Death LTQ Event..!
  93. ****ATTENTION MODS**** LTQ possibly bugged!!!
  94. Gree - Please Publish List of All Rewards for the Eternal Death LTQ
  95. Co-Leader Position
  96. Sky Pirate Update.
  97. Guild LTQ Units
  98. Guild SWAPPING-Cheat or Strategy???
  99. @GREE - Remove the maximum of 500 allies.
  100. Bugs in Kingdom Age
  101. Its probably been asked a hundred times already
  102. Coliseum-Map
  103. FUN is "official and legit" 60 Members guild!
  104. Sirious or other gree person read and pm me please serious issue here.
  105. Are any gold units still worth it?
  106. Missing Raid Boss Prizes: Units Added, More Info
  107. GREE, 350 per hit in every monster in Eternal Death LTQ!
  108. Lord of the north?
  109. 2nd Place Prize Change
  110. Besieging the Buried City reward change
  111. Guild War: Besieging the Buried City
  112. Hostile take over of Guild
  113. Caaawwwww!!!!!!
  114. CP is waaaaay down
  115. These repeat matchups are getting lame Gree
  116. What level is your lumber mill?
  117. How many times should a top 25 guild face FUN each war?
  118. Dragon Order
  119. Into the Buried City
  120. Goodbye forum and goodbye game!
  121. Tribute to a great warrior - Sh@dow
  122. New Weapon?
  123. Is Gree doing a good job?
  124. What Have I Done!?
  125. Other than MoC, how are your matchups this time?
  126. Farewell address from a loyal Friend, Player and Customer.
  127. CJ please restore my game
  128. Gambit, please read, thanks!
  129. Unable to declare war since 11:10pm PT!! Please help!!!
  130. Where's Samurai Blood?
  131. Congratulations to TheGoodLife
  132. Cj54 didn't say what I should do or if you can help
  133. GREE-How about some communication
  134. Another raid boss so soon!?
  135. How to Build Your Income
  136. Twilight of mankind gltq
  137. Can't log in
  138. Blind Keepers Bow - not all roses!!
  139. Last war prizes
  140. Good Bye Gree!!!
  141. Calendar Correction: Storming Highland Pass 9/27 to 9/30
  142. CK GQ: Into the Buried City(1/10) & GQ H: What Lies in these Buried Halls(1/9) Prizes
  143. Buried City Guild Quests Winners List!
  144. How many times Gree?
  145. Twilight of Mankind - LTQ & GQ Prizes!
  146. Has Gree increased mob defense?
  147. Anyone else lose Attack and Defense points?
  148. War match pairings
  149. @GREE: Da'ran Guardian 74/370 : Warrior & Rogue class can't equip
  150. Championship Fighting Rounds
  151. Ability to upgrade 2 buildings at once.
  152. Gree, please reveal the rewards or prizes for Storming Highland Pass CK event ASAP
  153. Besieging the Buried City Top 100 Rankings!
  154. Very important announcement from Spectral Agony
  155. Petition for a Sh@dow reward unit
  156. Medusa Epic Boss is active
  157. Top 1 and Top 2 Prizes for Storming Highland Pass
  158. Gree, why do you keep us in the dark?
  159. Golden Griffins "The most Dishorable guild" in the game!
  160. Major mistake in Twilight of Mankind Guild Quest Heroic Mode
  161. Dragon realms - bgk guild looking for members!
  162. Dumb newbie question.
  163. No credit for Normal completed by guild
  164. Can somebody help me with the free gems button?
  165. Top raid return
  166. New Buildings?
  167. Buried city rankings
  168. Da'ran, the Unseeing not showing in inventory
  169. Where are the orbs?
  170. What happened to the +1 building upgrade bonus unit for the next war?
  171. How does a player achieve 5 million Attack/Defense?
  172. Boosts not working?!?
  173. Tournament of Ages now Kaar, Master of the North
  174. Boss event Hall of Fame ( or Shame)
  175. Boss damage
  176. GREE - Info needed on Kaar, Master of the North
  177. Gree what are you doing?
  178. Gree you can't locked guilds
  179. Guilds locked now?
  180. How can I break thee, let me count the ways.
  181. Can you let our players back in Gree?
  182. Lvl 100 Boss with 2.1B HP!!!
  183. Health issue.
  184. Summon Boss
  185. Guild Raid BOSS - Awards / Winner's List
  186. New mechanics for Raid Boss system
  187. Gree, please fix the Raid boss Epic prizes from Lv 80 to 100
  188. You have done it this time, Gree!
  189. iOS7
  190. Your thoughts on GREE
  191. Kaar, Master of the North - Kills required and Prizes by level
  192. Excited by the new honour units
  193. Energy disappears if you exit KA
  194. Honor rewarded from the Raid boss = new building?
  195. Besieging the Buried City Results ??????
  196. Besieging the Buried City Results!!!
  197. +30% beast defense added to heroic prize
  198. All my friends leaving
  199. Northern Sword Grunt
  200. Suggestions for GREE on improvements to KA
  201. Ambassador Guild Exchange- FUN, RK, SB, and other top guilds
  202. Phoenix Rising NEW LTQ up, info updating
  203. Just beat level 55 boss and didn't get credit for it!!!
  204. Quest Problem: Are you having the same issue?
  205. Missing Enslaved Rasour Spawn in inventory!!
  206. GREE, Can you explain what's going on in this picture?
  207. Sirius Help with Ticket number 940126
  208. WTB: Stones
  209. Connection issue?
  210. Raid Boss Woes
  211. Where is the 40% sale ?
  212. Sirius HELP! Ticket # 944575
  213. help raid boss
  214. Guild Bonus Costs
  215. Spend more get more week 9/23 - 9/26
  216. Does apple certify updates?
  217. Runic Case: Collect 10 event!
  218. Stones Needed
  219. The Energy don't re charge
  220. Time to increase the level cap?
  221. Limited time buildings (gold building) Bring it on please!
  222. Question about Hero Strength
  223. New ver 2.0.2 update in the App store
  224. Article about KA Customer Satisfaction and Listening to Your Players
  225. Community Events! What Say Ye?!
  226. @Sirius: Raid Boss Final Unit Still Missing
  227. Really GREE?
  228. My account is gone.
  229. This community
  230. 2 months of progress deleted by GREE after maintenance!!!
  231. Idea to enhance war
  232. To gree
  233. Guild Match speed improvements
  234. News Feed Wiped? That's a problem
  235. Where are our War Points for Storming Highland Pass?
  236. Wow, SERIOUS issue with Conquest Points!!!
  237. SB Cheating?
  238. Lost everything again just now - just like yesterday
  239. Guild Quests - Battle for Storming Highland Pass
  240. Heads up on attack/defence
  241. Guild names
  242. War quests have ruined the game
  243. Gree, I hate to start another post but I see no option.
  244. Who is Murder of Crow 2?
  245. Match up in war
  246. Need your help Sirius!
  247. URGENT....Locked Out Of Battle
  248. Limited Edition Bonus items
  249. @sirrius:...
  250. Storming Highland Pass Guild Quest Winners