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  1. Emergency Idea for Balance
  2. For Overall Balance
  3. Why GREE do you refuse to fix CP?
  4. Player still locked out
  5. How is it done?
  6. Storming Highland Pass Current TOP 50
  7. First to 56 consecutive wins
  8. Epic Battle: FUN vs. RK
  9. Can you declare war in the final hour?
  10. Hayluh, the ancient dragon lord.
  11. Constructive criticism of new matching Algorithm
  12. FDK Immortals (FDI)
  13. Gree..your leaderboard sucks!
  14. Guilds still locked?
  15. Orbs
  16. Sirius, you guys messed up the war prizes
  17. In Honor of OM
  18. CoK Top 1, 2 and 100 Prize Fix Incoming
  19. What the Eff are you thinking Gree?
  20. You might be a Youngster if you don't "Remember When?"
  21. GLTQ in the Coliseum
  22. New ltq out
  23. Official KA retirement thread.
  24. Question for the top 3 guilds
  25. No mobs in Coliseum
  26. Cannot Load Game
  27. skill points
  28. Epic Boss lv 99 question
  29. Help, Sirius! Locked out of Against The Darkness individual quest
  30. Guild War Prizes
  31. Funzio could You test the events? Thanks
  32. Top 50 rankings for Storming Highland Pass
  33. Fix for LTQ (no mobs in Coliseum) released
  34. More recent ltq constructive criticism.
  35. Gree Mod - Bring in Rep from Engineering and Customer Service
  36. Will the next war end KA?
  37. How to transfer your game...the right way
  38. any news on this game hitting android?
  39. Drop the Stones
  40. Farewell
  41. New money building???
  42. Need home for current GLTQ
  43. Remove Absent Founder
  44. Iriza, the Elemental Steward
  45. Building Events in Kingdom Age?
  46. Power to the people
  47. can we do a gem free war
  48. Weird - raid boss active on my llp.
  49. Farewell Hammer!!!
  50. Goodbye KA Community - Time for HAMM€R to Retire
  51. Raid boss bug
  52. Iriza, the Elemental Steward Raid Boss - Kills required and Prizes by level
  53. Serious, Need help
  54. Orbs to Summon Raid Boss can be bought using Honor
  55. Units and Prizes Raid Boss
  56. Successful kill not being counted
  57. Best place to raid for orbs?
  58. Daylight saving time changes issues again
  59. Seriously, Sirius???
  60. Another goodbye thread
  61. Adding bonus to heroic raid boss
  62. Devestating Blow?
  63. Pop up windows when you log in
  64. Raid Boss Complete!
  65. Is KA down. Cannot open game no server response
  66. Can't log into game
  67. Hidden defense
  68. TRK Cheating?
  69. Missing GLTQ final unit, Keiros, Battle Phoenix
  70. Raid Boss - Black Ops
  71. A little help
  72. Broken Blade Recycle Junk Prize Unit both Individual & Guild..!
  73. Broken Blade spreadsheet is up!
  74. Broken Blade Prizes?
  75. Crazy Stat Inflation...
  76. Changes to Kingdom Age gem bonus?
  77. Transferring
  78. Stuck at 15/20 on Broken Blade
  79. Missing Broken Blade Prizes
  80. Azar Necromage
  81. Sirius or CJ, need a confirmation for the current daily guild boss event
  82. Asar, Necromage Quest Units List
  83. Room for 12
  84. Epic boss HP formula
  85. CJ Please Review-Revenge of the Lichslayer - formula is off on determining HP
  86. Sh@dow Tribute Unit
  87. Inactive bonus?
  88. Storming highland pass
  89. Gree, you will not have a single dollar from me anymore
  90. No kill carry over?!?!?! Are you kidding me?
  91. way to decrease negativity and hateful comments towards Gree
  92. Avatar Pic
  93. Confirmation of attack?
  94. Lich summoner bonus stacking - displaying correctly?
  95. Positive approach to change the game back to it's glory
  96. Time for 40 ~ 50% gems sales
  97. Check the gold from your building collections
  98. Opinion on the event mechanics
  99. Broken blade completed a day early
  100. SpellBinder's Satchel Event: Collect 25!
  101. A personal view and decision about the current boss event
  102. KA down?
  103. Server down?
  104. How many people finishing boss 100?
  105. Azar Necromage GLTQ -
  106. Sirius, The kills are not counting, kills not updated!!!! Ticket 1016225
  107. To many Attack Bonus
  108. Sirius please help with request #1017405
  109. Storming Highland Pass Top 1500!
  110. Locked out of game!
  111. Win 56 wars in a row only 3% boost???
  112. CP worse than lst war, and I have the win 5 Boost???!!!???
  113. Unrecognized server response, please try again later!
  114. War now Down??? CP's messd up? iLTQ messed up?? You kidding right GREE?
  115. Why are we still playing this game?
  116. Good luck everyone, I moving on to a new game
  117. Enough is enough!!!
  118. another complaint :D
  119. Gooooo RK!!!!!!!
  120. Has been 2 hrs where are the senior admin from Gree?
  121. GREE, please give us an update
  122. How many are losing battles vs opponents with way lower stats ?
  123. Losses are shown as "Cannot connect"
  124. If you get matched against FUN...
  125. Buildings are starting to migrate
  126. Server error
  127. Anyone fighting repeat guilds?
  128. Attention cp scores not adding properly
  129. Bonus CPs not working - Gree please fix
  130. Same question as last wars - How are the matchups for other guilds?
  131. Gree you latest push at around 6:15 PST did not fix the CP problem...
  132. Top 75 n 100 reward
  133. Iltq and GLTQ not showing up
  134. Tribute to Lady Moppi in her memory
  135. Go royal knights!!!!!!
  136. expedition to deadwood 20/20
  137. Pls help Sirius or anyone at support were stuck!
  138. Expedition to Deadwood - ILTQ Quests and Prizes
  139. Honorary Unit for Lady Moppi
  140. I will post here as soon as our Match with FUN is over, so everyone knows
  141. Deadbook Feeder?
  142. This WAR is Absurd with fighting the same TOP guilds over and over!!!
  143. Calm down and think logically
  144. Seven Steps to Breaking Your GREE Game Addiction
  145. Concede - War Enhancement
  146. Limiting Mutiple Engagements
  147. Victory - Khasma, Plague of Deadwood !!!
  148. Time for last batlle
  149. Message for MOC
  150. FUN meets RK in last battle
  151. A Message from FUN to RK
  152. Unofficial rankings list
  153. Visual Glitch on next leaderboard event
  154. Thoughts on the CP algorithms/results
  155. Is it just me
  156. For the love of Pete!
  157. Holiday buildings
  158. CHEATERS AND HACKERS - The Raiding Knights (TRK)
  159. LTQs
  160. Testuser123
  161. LEQ
  162. Clearing innocent players and guilds name
  163. Official ranking list?????
  164. Witch's Lair
  165. Hunters Moon ILTQ
  166. Granny Fortuna problems. Lvl 20
  167. GREE Please work to improve client satisfaction - Open Letter
  168. LVL20 problems Sirius/CJ54?????
  169. GREE moved up the war dates
  170. Level 20 sucks ass fix it
  171. Gree, Here are Some Suggestions for Future Building Quests
  172. It's just level 20!!!
  173. Lvl 19 monster's health regen too!!!
  174. LTQ mobs resetting health: We're working on this now
  175. Gree, Stop Changing the Guild War Prizes after you Already Release them!
  176. Hey GREE, Granny fix didn't work!
  177. What are you doing gree???
  178. way to go guys
  179. My stats keep dropping, is this effecting anyone else?
  180. Does gree actually care?
  181. Anyone got any ideas what the invisible words are here?
  182. The Granny cannot lose health at all, and Gree keeps telling me it's closed.
  183. I am done.
  184. Gree and the stolen Gems
  185. Clocks go back a hour here come bugs again
  186. Another one bites the dust
  187. Witch's Lair upgrades help please
  188. Guild Lock for Raid Boss
  189. Raid boss
  190. Raid boss bugged
  191. 100 Free Gems put in perspective.... Really Gree???
  192. Please fire ALL Developement Team in GREE
  193. Yep you've done it again
  194. Fun & rk Please step up
  195. Cannot enter game due to invalid data error
  196. Here KA Dev present for Halloween from your players
  197. Some raid boss observations list
  198. Missing unit Pyre Daemon of the Abyss
  199. Kingdom Age Changes, Some answers needed...
  200. Trying to transfer KA to a new Phone
  201. My purchases for sale!
  202. Farewell
  203. 40% sale at least for raid boss
  204. Asking GREE/Sirius to begin posting details of each level on each quest
  205. Gree, you done goofed
  206. Heads up! Scheduled Server Maintenance 11-2-2013!
  207. Farewell threads now being locked????
  208. Let's see another real battle for Top 1 & 2 (Please Read you will understand more)
  209. Good bye
  210. KA is an outlet for insane rage and projection
  211. Shadow of the Guild information
  212. New guild quest!
  213. Ain't it about time for some new good weapon LTQ's?
  214. Dear GREE int'l - Do you accept and acknowledge you made a mistake with Raid Boss?
  215. Good Bye to KA
  216. Dear Gree,
  217. I love my guild!
  218. New Weapon LTQ
  219. +100 Gems
  220. Aroxil, Abyssal Commander
  221. Missing Aroxil, Abyssal Commander ticket #1068622
  222. LTQ issues -shadowriver map- attention Sirius or CJ
  223. And after we all save the RKs from the Shadow Magic ...
  224. Server Maintenance Screw Up
  225. Wrong event timer - please fix it Gree!
  226. Acknowledge
  227. Problems with my stats
  228. Chalice Box Event Problem - 20% Magic Boost Not Added!
  229. Gree, Raid boss Lv 100 needs 120M to qualify in a prize. This is getting out of hand!
  230. Stuck in no guild land
  231. Bonus program
  232. Change to Chalice LTQ Incoming
  233. Individual War Rewards...
  234. Who has the highest stats in ka?
  235. Game chrashes - even after re-install
  236. Chalice Case Lockbox LTE
  237. Guild members missing Aroxil, Abyssal Commander
  238. Reset Funzio ID Password?
  239. Issue with gem purchase...
  240. Jumpers - Chalice LTQ Thread
  241. New Gree game
  242. Post Your Complaints About 'Shadow of the Guild' LTQ ending early here
  243. Goodbye all....
  244. Way To Fail Again Gree!
  245. Are you in FUN or RK, and tried of Tapping all the time?
  246. This isn't even a game anymore
  247. Need HELP on trasfer my account from my old Ipad to my new Ipad! PLZ
  248. Our first matchup
  249. The war!
  250. 12 wars in. Time to sort out CP