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  1. War health regen time indicator, pls
  2. Bad Beat Contest
  3. Tame the Jungle of Torments iLTQ & gLTQ
  4. Gree, merely misunderstood
  5. Bringing strategy back
  6. Game down
  7. Underdog Bonus???
  8. New Idea to GREE: Battle Chat room
  9. Individual wins
  10. Gree please update buying gems list
  11. Congrats Gree!
  12. Ok, wtf, individual rewards...
  13. Can I increase CP in battles?
  14. Jungle of Torments guild prize winners
  15. To the members of WAR Guild
  16. Tame the Jungle of Torments Guild & Individual Rewards
  17. Tame the Jungle of Torments Unofficial Ranking List
  18. Why does Gree feel the need to freeze the leader board?
  19. Server maintenance happening today at 2 PM; potential downtime
  20. Rewards for the war Jungle of Torments
  21. Next war over Thanksgiving
  22. Does anyone have screenshot or list of individual rewards based on CPs?
  23. Epic Boss Delayed
  24. Char transfer - why have methods that don't work?
  25. Limited time building
  26. CJ54 - Battle for Lost Bethel - Error in Guild Rewards?
  27. How to deal with Splinter Guilds aim 50 n streak thread
  28. We give thanks to....
  29. Who fooled me? Gree or I?
  30. Your Thoughts On Leaderboard Event
  31. Unable to Purchase Mountain of gems
  32. Cursed Archon - Really?
  33. What is the leaderboard event?
  34. Dedication thread to im4wine
  35. Increases in boss difficulty
  36. GREE, Jungle Dragon is not showing boost
  37. I've been wondering...
  38. Colossus help
  39. Zero kills = no jungle dragon??
  40. End War Splash Screen
  41. Wrath of the Jungle Colossus
  42. Epic boss daily event when did it load for you ??
  43. Just a question about the 100 boss kills if u are not a mini....
  44. Day Two Boss not dropping gold
  45. Guild given up on day 2 ?
  46. Need a seat for boss killing on day 3
  47. Stones
  48. Multiple servers
  49. The missing quest? .
  50. GREE, you stole my guild from me...(request #1095279)
  51. O.k...who's idea was this ! Developers ?
  52. Harvest Storehouse
  53. Last few hours of boss kill , we need help
  54. CJ54 - please advise dev to fix stone drop rate
  55. Time of Thanks LTQ is a BIG JOKE GREE..!
  56. Help needed
  57. Dragon cornucopia quest
  58. Game transfer to new phone
  59. Loading Times
  60. Problems with KA and iOS 7.0.4?
  61. Unfair Gaming Practices
  62. Dragon Cornucopias
  63. Who finished all 7 days of The Colossus Event?
  64. Dear developers-Will the LTQ "The Missing Alchemist" be found before the war?
  65. The upcoming raid boss?
  66. Still no rankings for Deadwood
  67. If you find yourself needing orbs, trade your stones for orbs, PM me for more info.
  68. Reward Changes for upcoming war
  69. Lol no more box events
  70. Bored bored when next quest but having fun playing new game Gree your lose
  71. Raid boss crashing!!!
  72. Raid Boss reward unit error
  73. When do Normal and Elite Raid Boss Levels Sync Up?
  74. Please put a tab to guild chat in the Raid Boss and War windows
  75. Gree please push for Lvl 250-300 players!
  76. Raid boss heroic
  77. There must be a mistake in raid boss rewards.
  78. Raid Boss rewards per quest
  79. Raid boss Heroic 31 & 32
  80. Awesome Building Wuest Idea!
  81. My Battle List has majorly changed, anyone else?
  82. GREE new Armor avatars please!
  83. When is next event starting?
  84. ADDS by jsn dot donecore dot net?????
  85. Red feast started
  86. Red Feast LTQ - spreadsheet link
  87. Don't fix Energy glitch please.
  88. Event times changes for us in Europe
  89. A Thread for Orbituaries
  90. energy dropping to zero
  91. The scratchers???
  92. Chesty Puller TRK Taken
  93. Well Done GREE, Another One Bites The Dust
  94. When the war is over ...
  95. 1 day LTQ 5/10 owl bear is missing??
  96. This mini quest Autumn Tournament bugs out on lvl 5
  97. Thanks for the 40% sale Gree
  98. LTQ - Autumn Tournament
  99. No match ups?
  100. Match-up delays: Known issue, we are working on it now.
  101. Battle for the Lost Bethel iLTQ & gLTQ
  102. Missing zero on opponents stats?
  103. FUN has been defeated by Royal Knights
  104. Need help with gem purchase #1157513 (gem purchase)
  105. Maintenance
  106. Tired of playing KA? Leaving? Sell/trade me your account.
  107. Round TWO and RK beats FUN again
  108. BATTLE FOR LOST BETHEL unofficial rank list - And wins/streak
  109. A good visual representation of stat inflation? Potential fix?
  110. Gree stop cheating us please :)
  111. Down for maintenance for 30 minutes with 3 hours left. REALLY!!!
  112. Congratulations ROYAL KNIGHTS in the 13th War
  113. A Message from FUN to RK
  114. Cj54 - please respond
  115. "This is no escape...This is no surrender..."
  116. Individual reward
  117. Guilds are still locked
  118. Question about the Health regen
  119. Goodbye and Good Luck - Player Friends
  120. Ancient Jar: Collect 10 Event & Quest for the Ancient Coin: Collect 500 from Guild..!
  121. Top 500 prizes
  122. We got $cr3w3d
  123. +4 building upgrade prize
  124. Ancient coins
  125. Device transfers
  126. No News is not Good News. In game news wiped out again.
  127. Jumpers wanted
  128. Who Dat said that RK are going for 3 peat or more!?
  129. Spent over 3 mountains still 9/10 for jar event!
  130. The stupid ancient coin event
  131. GREE purposely took away the individual reward promised AKA STEALING!
  132. Ancient Jar Event
  133. Battle for the Lost Bethel Guild & Individual Rewards
  134. NEW BUILDINGS - Ticket Stand & Gem Mine
  135. Attention semper fi
  136. Average stats
  137. Building Defense
  138. Christmas war poll. If you want to move the war up 2 weeks please reply to poll here
  139. Gem challenge
  140. Little Helper
  141. New Update
  142. An Appeal To The Fortunate (aka Jumpers Wanted #2)
  143. Poll:Rate your experience for Jar event
  144. Information On Raid Boss Indestructible Orbs
  145. Jumpers needed!!
  146. Event Start Times
  147. Event little helper (boss kill)
  148. Can't get Little Helper to Spawn
  149. Little Helper Event Data
  150. What Xmas present will we get from father Gree
  151. Problem with Little Helper experience points
  152. Will Kingdom age ever join the 21st century and come onto Andriod
  153. Jumpers for little helpers - help and share the reward
  154. One more time...
  155. Is this a weapon
  156. Gree should award people the last ten jar on the last box event reward
  157. another dedication thread to a lost great...
  158. Restoring your account on new device
  159. Quest Rewards are as strong as war rewards
  160. Missing Alchemist - Found
  161. Yawn
  162. Missing Alchemist Rewards and holy XP, Batman
  163. Founders Log
  164. Game hanging on clearbrook
  165. Which guilds completed all 7 days of Little Helper?
  166. Alchemist rewards and bonus
  167. Is Gree Trying to Kill the Mini?
  168. GREE please add a modifier to final unit of Missing Alchemist LTQ
  169. Future of Kingdom Age
  170. Holiday Stocking Event started!
  171. Holiday stocking box drop rate issue??
  172. Update Army Equipment
  173. Disappearing Stockings!
  174. FUN wants YOU!
  175. Jumpers thread
  176. Please
  177. New LTB when ???
  178. Perpetual Wyrm ???
  179. Jumpers needed!!!!!
  180. Eagle's Peak guild/individual prizes
  181. Holiday Stocking Drop rate.
  182. What do you think Gree should add to make the game better?
  183. War
  184. Eagle's Peak Individual+Guild Quest Info
  185. The war?
  186. Locked out of game
  187. 500k scratcher!! Dont loose hope
  188. Still No Leaderboard
  189. Samurai Blood beat FUN !!!!!
  190. Gree fix your Server lag during war!
  191. Impossible Streak Battle Matchups
  192. Thanks RK Guild for the Crumbs
  193. A question which came to mind
  194. Anybody know this person?
  195. New LTQ????
  196. Question
  197. 10/10 Streak and 50 Wins Winners Lists - Eagle's Peak
  198. Farewell From The Red Dogs
  199. Your first reward unit
  200. Battle for Eagle's Peak Rankings!
  201. Winter Wonderland LTQ / GLTQ
  202. Rewards for CK - Dark Forest
  203. Possible new guild upgrades?
  204. Honor shields wanted
  205. Open letter to gree
  206. Saying thanks
  207. Can't logon
  208. Dates for events....
  209. Raid Boss drops
  210. Raid Boss...congrats Gree
  211. Jumper guild for epic boss
  212. Boss death not giving credit
  213. weapon rewarding LTQ's
  214. New to the Forum, and can not figure out why you can not post? (Yes GREE, thanks...)
  215. HUGE drop in Legendary drop odds?
  216. How many Legendary units did you win from Raid Boss event so far..?
  217. Gree, any plans on New LE Buildings & Level increase..??
  218. 24hr Challenge Quest !!
  219. Level 65 Boss -10:30 EST- Dec'31
  220. Unranked in Raid Boss
  221. Battle for Dark Forest. Rewards?
  222. Things I had in mind while playing KA 1 year ago (yeah is one of those posts)
  223. Raid Boss Help
  224. Tidings of Solstice
  225. STARfire
  226. A Theory: Why we, the players, are killing Kingdom Age... with our Minis.
  227. Reduced Number of Quests
  228. Unacceptable
  229. ILTQ details for the Tidings of the Solstice Quest ?
  230. How to make KA good again
  231. Nice break in KA
  232. Trade for Stones
  233. Gree, Please make sure alliance defense boost works before next war
  234. Next LTQ? Does event time and type need to be kept under wraps?
  235. Upcoming War
  236. 24 hr LTq up
  237. Really Gree?
  238. Make Gold relevant, War important, and the game fun! Here's how...
  239. You've done it Gree! Well done!!
  240. Rest in peace True Blood,we love you
  241. Thanks, Gree - the ONLY Dark Forest prize with worth anything now WORTHLESS
  242. Server refresh rates
  243. Dark Forest Enemy Stats (Missing a Digit)
  244. Point of the game
  245. What's with all the honor?
  246. Stat Inflation rears its ugly head at last for the top tier guilds
  247. 15 prepaid walls disappear !!!
  248. Battle for Dark Forest- Unofficial Ranking list and Win/Streak
  249. Matchups: worst ever let's hear.
  250. Afternoon of the last day, 30mins remaining