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  1. How to change Guild Name?
  2. Sludge Pup...Boost or no Boost?
  3. GLTQ no bonus?
  4. Temple Relic Wagon
  5. This is a Loot Item and Not Available for Purchase
  6. Remaining Quests For This Cycle
  7. GREE, Any plans for the future?
  8. GLTQ Quest for Vodoo Doll Up too early?!
  9. Wrong Boost Attached Hex Runes Event "Ringtail Hexcaster"
  10. +2% Jobs Payout
  11. 15 min raid boss
  12. Come join us for loot and a chance to finish the Raid Boss and get the final prize!
  13. Less than 3 days until war but still 2 quests not online yet?
  14. Energy Requirement for LTQ 'Beasts of the Bayou'
  15. Mods please respond - what is the future of Kingdom Age?
  16. War Start vs Quest End?
  17. [Feedback] What Additional Sub-Forums Would You Like to See?
  18. Raid boss attack
  19. Time to tweak the matchups ?
  20. matchup times
  21. Individual rewards in war
  22. Attention for Mods - max attack value reached, need solution asap
  23. Hawk Nest - LTB
  24. Medicine Cases Box Event Leaderboard Issue
  25. :) Clementine, Tadaah, when Swampland Slaughter ranking ?
  26. Epic Boss Health Error?
  27. Really: Feedback-Needed-Proposed-New-Forum titles
  28. Getting tired of this crap, want an answer. What does Health % Increase DO?!
  29. Game hasn't crashed...but something is seriously screwed up
  30. New mission took away all of my medicine cases.
  31. Beach Runes Event Bug
  32. Beach Runes Event rubbish end unit
  33. Quest log too cluttered
  34. +15% Health Regen Time vs. Manasa
  35. Leaderboard Rewards Delayed?
  36. Strength and Defence based LTBs, please release them for new characters
  37. Stop overlapping energy events!!
  38. Temporary +10% Energy Bonus not actually doing anything
  39. Can't log into KA using WiFi
  40. Top 3 prize changed from 10% conquest points to 10% conquest attack
  41. Max limit on vault?
  42. Wtf ! Kingdom age missing from apple store !
  43. Blank Screen, no gem or gold purchases possible
  44. Raid boss started and no buying gems
  45. Push notification issue with ka
  46. Stones.......
  47. Haste
  48. A suggestion to remove level requirements from maps (regarding LTQs)...
  49. Island Annihilation - Top 3 Prizes - GREE is this a mistake?
  50. Data Cleanup Suggestions
  51. Haste, GREE does it again!
  52. jump threads
  53. Just in case didn't see Gree will not be supporting iPod in future update of IOS 8
  54. Beached Beast
  55. Old Timers
  56. Fair matchups and matchup time
  57. Sake caske, antiquary.
  58. battlestart - game not responding
  59. Any reason the Heroic conquest quest is split into 10 quests instead of one quest?
  60. No war againn
  61. 65 wins? In a row? Seriously? (Feedback)
  62. 9% more attack from beasts vs. +9% attack from beasts
  63. 750 wins individual, 40 wins guild - Thank you
  64. RB starts with 150 wins during war (or not)
  65. Woo HOO -looks like 2 weeks until the next wars
  66. Quest Not Working/Delay War
  67. Still no Individual Rewards delivered....
  68. The Hell, Quests crammed together, and times heavily cut
  69. Screen Displaying Inaccurate Number Of Guild Members?
  70. The Silense is Deafening
  71. Individual rewards COK
  72. Next War Too Soon
  73. New Quests shows active but nothing into Quest tab?!
  74. Charging different amounts for gems.
  75. Missed numbers on status for new LTQ rewards???
  76. Pretty dumb way of forcing all the splinter guilds to get back in to a main guild!
  77. Flotsam and Jetsam: Beginner
  78. Any news on the new LBQ (steam factory) ?
  79. Dear Gree
  80. No more Tapjoy within game?
  81. EXTRA ALLY.... What is about ?
  82. RB prizes are garbage
  83. 4 events at the same time??!
  84. Raid Boss levels not available
  85. Tadaaah, Clementine, when Maleba Island CoK ranking ?
  86. GREE, have some feedback you bloody wankers (Feedback)
  87. Ocean runes event:
  88. Really.... new KA - No Announcement
  89. Gree: Thanks for the new game update.
  90. Tonight's upgrade removed shells and pearls from current quest: be careful
  91. Be wise: dont update !!!!!
  92. game crashes after update!
  93. No more MK after update
  94. Unit costs
  95. Looking for jumpers
  96. Daily Free Scratchers , gone with new Update?!
  97. 60 Wins in a row a 2k Unit???
  98. New Leader list
  99. War Leader Board needs fixing
  100. Could we get an update on the memory problem?
  101. Hey, RK, err, I mean SB! Classy!
  102. Sunken crusade temp bonus expired
  103. I was going to post how good my matchups were ....
  104. ANOTHER 10 Day Cycle?!
  105. GroupMe Share/Trade Community room ALL WELCOME!
  106. [How To] Upgrading to the iPhone 6? Read This First!
  107. Why close the Sticky thread about transferring to new iP6?
  108. Once again Gree start a quest in Europe at midnight
  109. Feedback For 'Guild Trials: Clearbrook' Individual and Guild
  110. "Winzig Jager & Hunter's Trap" shows as Active but no Quests up! Since over 14h!
  111. New bug with new update for me..
  112. Wayward Winzig (wrapper prize) is it TEMP or PERMANENT?
  113. GREE, stop the wrong advertised Bonus Fraud!!! "Wnzig Jager" 100 Boss Kills
  114. LBT : Water Mill
  115. Feedback on Bonuses... If It's TEMPORARY, BLOODY TELL US
  116. Player appreciation month
  117. Please send back my heart felt thanks to Devs
  118. Please can we have the ability to upload pictures to the forum
  119. Original iPad supported????
  120. [Question/Feedbackl] What has been your favorite LOOKING unit?
  121. Bug on 59/60 guild quest.
  122. Gree, fix it !!!
  123. Master Slayer & Creature Feature BUG
  124. Creature feature still not fixed, clemintine. Under 24 hours left now
  125. Having issues transfering game from ipod 4. Anyone able to get it to work?
  126. Uncloseable supplies popup... Again.
  127. Is there a 24 hour war this weekend?
  128. Upgrading weapons and armor for the Army
  129. Building Collection Time 'Bonus' How I Loathe You
  130. Mods-Need solution on Battle List bugged for high level players!!
  131. Level 10 Kingdom only took 3 years
  132. COK schedule
  133. Forget Anything? Like The Upcoming War Rewards?
  134. You spoke, we listened - who should believe that??
  135. Did anyone else lose attack stats today?
  136. Stamina Refill now 20 gems instead of 10 gems?!
  137. Haha, gree switched up the war rewards again
  138. Box event fair chance to open, who has the most sorry better luck in a row
  139. Guild won loss record reset to 0-0
  140. This game is dying...
  141. Energy Refill - Fill the bar
  142. Adjustments on Iltqs and gltqs!
  143. Tired of Trolls?
  144. iLTQ problems as usual
  145. Cannot connect to server
  146. Old LTB buildings and option to purchase them!
  147. Buy potion pop up not closeing
  148. [Official Feedback] Trials
  149. Kingdom Age Player Appreciation Month
  150. Guild Issue - Need help ASAP
  151. Customer Appreciation = Service and Support
  152. server problems?? Gree please look into this
  153. 35 min and still no matchup - members blocked
  154. Transfer account failed!!!!!!
  155. Matchups - thanks gree
  156. A Sincere Thank You for the quick results on the war
  157. When do the new trials begin?
  158. When Does "Player Appreciation Month" Begin?
  159. I lost my game after IOS 8 update om ipad
  160. Event starting dates
  161. Raid Boss Icon just popped up but says COMING SOON?!
  162. Tadaaah, what's going on?
  163. Trials and Crates
  164. Missing Rewards! Guild Trials: Graveyard
  165. No LTB this cycle?
  166. Again 2 energy quests at the same time, you do not listen at all
  167. Master Slayer: Igor, Grave Digger ISSUE 1 goal not named!!!!
  168. Guild trial count reset to zero!
  169. + 35 Attack Increase ??
  170. "Hero of Hallow's Eve" Goal Issue / Completed Goal does not count
  171. making game more fun for LLPs
  172. +35 Attack Increase = 100 EB Kills? WHAT A SHAM
  173. When does the Epic Boss end?
  174. Guild Trials: Graveyard 4/5
  175. Free goodies! New unit with a boost on it! Thanks Gree
  176. Dark castle up
  177. Dark Castle Issues
  178. limit those Trials
  179. Newbie Question
  180. Guild/indiv rankings
  181. Well done Gree, best Epic Boss event in a long time
  182. Are we going to get any info about Crafting before it starts?
  183. Raze the Dead War Rewards?
  184. Missing Energy
  185. Raid Boss icon showing but no RB quests showing?
  186. When does Raid Boss end?
  187. Stones
  188. Health Regeneration bonuses
  189. Missing icon: Incubus coffer box event.
  190. Incubus coffer
  191. Game Transfer please Gree/Tadaah......why must we wait sooooo long
  192. Notifications when health is full
  193. Bring assault event to kingdom age...
  194. Unable to purchase gems
  195. [GREE KA AMA] Tomorrow!
  196. Daylight Saving Time end in europe
  197. Hero of hollows eve
  198. Daily Graveyard trials ended two days earlier??
  199. To many wars to win not enough time!
  200. Cp prizes!!
  201. Idea: Guild wars:interaction with rival guild during the fight!
  202. Don't MW the KA globe...
  203. Event listing Icon missing
  204. Can I assume next war is weekend of.....
  205. Slaughter House
  206. Trials rewards
  207. Echo, the Last Survivor
  208. Battle Health Potions for Epic Boss just doubled in price!
  209. "Customer Appreciation Month" has been a major letdown. Way to let us know you "care"
  210. Autumn Armor - No Bonus, and Display doesn't appear to work
  211. Health increase question
  212. Max Attack value change
  213. Strategy idea: Hero felow companion that you can upgrade
  214. Master Slayer: Echo, the Last Survivor
  215. Building Upgrades
  216. Please fix Comatose Drider bonus!
  217. TRIALS - determining STRENGTH of your prize completing NIGHTMARE TRIAL
  218. Fix the "Kingdom News" dates/times
  219. Amuna Dracroth Feedback
  220. Trial stuck at 3/15
  221. "Collect all income" button??
  222. Lack of Orbs for Raid Boss
  223. Player attack cap
  224. Please fix Fuliginous Knight bonus!
  225. Almost Every War....WHERE ARE THE WAR REWARDS??????????
  226. Questions, questions, questions
  227. War prizes should be adjusted
  228. Crafting material all gone
  229. No More Temp Bonuses !!!
  230. Bugs and questions with new update
  231. Defence Building Increase
  232. Will the battle this weekend be canceled?
  233. Just give us an answer
  234. Voucher Items Feedback (Hint : They're Garbage)
  235. Crafting building, can't purchase as its a loot item? WHAT!!
  236. No Gem Sale???
  237. Can't upgrade crafting workshop
  238. When are the guilds locked down for the war?
  239. Earn the Scourged Spear
  240. Kingdom Age - Current Known Issues with Update.
  241. What are new rules for attacking???
  242. Withering wastelands 1/13 no gold
  243. Conquest attack bonus not working.
  244. How do I increase my Hero Attack?
  245. What are you going to spend your gem money on next war?
  246. Well done .. Screwed gem players in favour of free players
  247. Forgot the reason why you like this game? This are reasons why :
  248. A Good-bye letter to Gree(d)
  249. GREE: What can YOU do to fix this game
  250. Equipment Re-Setting