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  1. Gree please we have more map done them all
  2. Gree please we have more maps done them all
  3. Individual War Reward.
  4. Skill Allocation Reset ETA?
  5. What do you think???
  6. 17 days of purgatory -- PAGING TADAAH (Gree ticket 2008796)
  7. New LTB Turkey Tavern now active
  8. Issue doing trials, cannot get to turpin's lair
  9. Why can't we just have a nice juicy LTQ!
  10. Crafting Workshop Upgrade?
  11. PROFILE --- STATS --- i --- WHY ONLY 30 units???
  12. Multiple upgrade bonus gone?
  13. Thank you for the AMA...ALSO
  14. Hero individual attack boost
  15. Kilgore Hallowed Husk Feedback
  16. Durtucken. What is it good for?
  17. Trial rewards dropped?
  18. Input field for buying inventory items
  19. Quest completion screen shot not working
  20. Feedback on the Current Cycle of LTQs
  21. 20% or 40% sale? Push screen said 40% but.......
  22. 999999 gold reward?????
  23. 6.5 days Until War... Where's Our Skillpoint Reset At? And Breakdown of Skills?
  24. Wrong info Trials GLTQ
  25. Feedback on Weird Wolves Raid Boss
  26. Take Your Temp Bonuses...
  27. [AMA] Ask The Developer Anything - December 3rd
  28. Please get rid of the splash menu for items like chests, with the super lag now,
  29. Gem workshop Cost is the most retarded thing I've ever seen. 1 gem = 12 seconds
  30. Box event craziness
  31. War rewards -please fix
  32. New Epic Boss
  33. Ka data use issue
  34. This forum is at the moment no support from Gree
  35. @Clementine or whoever is currently moderating. Constructive feedback within
  36. Simple idea to fix crafting materials drop rates.
  37. Conquest points still goofy
  38. Does 1000 win prize have another purpose?
  39. Heroic Quest- Mountain Chests not appropriately distributed!
  40. Crafting Workshop Item Display
  41. What do you think about all these crates and chests for rewards?
  42. Enough with trials already
  43. First my temp bonus disappeared before last battle ....
  44. Raid Boss suggestion
  45. Why am I able to get raided?
  46. Weapon/Armor??!!???!!
  47. All gear deleted from inventory!
  48. Error. Login detected on another device
  49. Box event (un)fair chance to open with gold
  50. Epic items in Crafting workshop
  51. [Known Issue/Bug] Missing Hero Equipment
  52. [Official Feedback] Epic Boss Meets Hero Equip
  53. Please explain the logic
  54. Please make simple fix to epic boss
  55. What happened to the transfer feature on the new update?
  56. Game Center popup
  57. December 11th KA client update
  58. Stucked on boss lvl41 and everytime getting crappy unit
  59. Cannot get into game
  60. Ice Temple
  61. LBT
  62. Customer Support... or lack of...
  63. Whoa it is crazy around here :/
  64. Why is gree speechless about this major issue
  65. Buying material with gems 5 hours really?
  66. Dark castle in quests list but I cant buy it
  67. Display glitch since update
  68. Ok, I have a very specific question for Gree
  69. Crafting
  70. BUG: beware if you link KA with gamecenter, I lost 2 accounts!
  71. What would you like from father Gree this Xmas
  72. Swinging with sword too long on boss
  73. Raid Boss Event: Open letter to GREE
  74. Free Respec for all Kingdom Age Players this week.
  75. Only buy the 1.99. The others don't work out.
  76. If Skills Are Such a Large Impact Now...
  77. Suggestion for scratchers
  78. Order Some Material...
  79. Orbs not for sale?
  80. Credit where credit is due
  81. Raid Boss: Its should be about killing boss NOT finding ORBS!!!!!!
  82. Raid Boss Levels - Regular and Heroic
  83. Heroic Raid Boss Reward
  84. Out of orbs
  85. Holidailies - Grinchy Djinn
  86. Wow so much lag since new quests
  87. CRAFTING: Honest Feedback from one long-time player
  88. Gree customer service
  89. Merry Christmas to those that celebrates it
  90. Missing purchased gems
  91. Bonus Question
  92. Question about the new weekly LE
  93. Please stop these insane box events
  94. Epic boss attack bonuses!?
  95. Sky Temple
  96. LIARs LIARs LIARs: King of Lying and all other things about new Epic Boss
  97. Boss kills not counting
  98. A question to this group
  99. Kingdom Age FAQs!
  100. Last Box Event
  101. Higher prices on gems
  102. Apple's EU/Canada pricing changes
  103. What is up with the item in weekly LEs 1/6/2015 Why can't it be equipped?
  104. Sky building health regen Error?
  105. Please can we have new Maps Gree
  106. Problems with Raid Boss
  107. Clock discrepancy
  108. 3days Plus for war no rewards yet?
  109. Trials quests:
  110. When KA forum going to get a Admin back
  111. Concerns and Improvements
  112. Help with box event
  113. Any chance of extending time to complete building quest? Newer guys finally get + 1
  114. New community manager
  115. 30 mins, still waiting for match up
  116. Crates missing
  117. Gree continues to state one thing and do another....top5 matching top200 HOW and WHY?
  118. Gree continues to state one thing and do another....top5 matching top200 HOW and WHY?
  119. LTBs Anyone have spreadsheet?
  120. Baela's 30 days of missing account (or 30 days of purgatory)
  121. Who's on 3rd?? RP or FMB
  122. THATS THE LTBs your offering us and the costs, loooooool Gree
  123. Attack /defense / hero
  124. Stats have dropped after war
  125. Damage Issues on Epic Boss
  126. Abbey chest and chapel chest have same loot table
  127. [OT] In Memory of Bea, AKA, True Blood
  128. AMA thread not unlocked?
  129. BUG Lost Bethel trials (guild part)
  130. BUG Master Slayer: Bea and Vittoria
  131. BUG the number 1 war reward +40 Epic Boss damage does not work
  132. Any good info/helping rooms on GroupMe?
  133. Black Cat Books LTB
  134. Gree, this isn't what we meant when we said...
  135. GLTQ Rewards Splash Screens
  136. Anticuary = Mission impossible
  137. The Lost Bethel:Antiquary!! missing unit
  138. WOW!!! Gree desperate for gems?? LTQ needs 52,170 energy to finish it !!!!!!!!!
  139. Raid Boss and No Quests???
  140. RB and no health potions?
  141. Gree Breaks Raid Boss- please fix ASAP
  142. Connectivity?
  143. The Current Box Event
  144. Gree loses toon - cant find it for a week
  145. War rewards?????
  146. Gem Sale 20% / 40%
  147. 23 minutes and counting to match. Did Gree break war also?
  148. ILTQ during war? And no splash screen for the final reward?
  149. Attacking the Castle doesn't qualify as fighting in battle?
  150. Rewards for individual wins
  151. Giving credit
  152. New forum for,at
  153. Battle Refills not giving 4 attacks
  154. destructible units
  155. Invisible chests which cannot be opend
  156. Streak during war!!!
  157. Sad news
  158. change in the collection time of some buildings?
  159. Blisterfoot Baths
  160. PVP Quest
  161. (relative) Epic Boss gold hit strength decrease?
  162. Maybe Gree will appreciate poems
  163. How can we improve crafting?
  164. Please take the MW banner off and put the KA one
  165. 6 Day War???
  166. when does the 525 allies bit start?
  167. Box event leader board question
  168. LTB boxes are messed up
  169. Please confirm correct time in epic boss event
  170. New PvP Drops
  171. EB legendary prize?
  172. Thank you GREE!
  173. 2 ltb quest at same time
  174. Wilted Fidelity Lockbox
  175. The purple building is broken
  176. New "shake to collect" UPDATE not working
  177. 2nd Gremlin Carpenter
  178. Blister foot Bog Trials: Heroic quest has DISAPPEARED !! URGENT
  179. Epic boss still dropping roses!!!
  180. Still no splash screens
  181. Temple of Adoration
  182. GLTQ another waste of time
  183. Start dates of events
  184. OMG, Gree does it again doubles Raid Boss Health
  185. Server issues - not getting credit for kills
  186. Battle list broken
  187. Transfer to new device
  188. Extra allies, what are they for?
  189. Open letter to Gree from the Founders of Kingdom Age
  190. What the heck is Swamp Assault?
  191. Attack decreasing instead of increasing
  192. Why Do We Come To This Forum?
  193. Is it me , or was the PvP abd raid boss swapped ?
  194. Is CC the real reason behind all this non sense
  195. A giant research experiment?
  196. List of Guilds who have finished HRB in a few hours
  197. Kingdom Age Game Update 2/19/15
  198. Swamp Assault
  199. Conquest of Kings Rewards and Prizes!
  200. Conquest of Kings divisions
  201. Trial Prizes
  202. Ten min to log in after update
  203. my account is gone
  204. Stop forcing me to come to the forum
  205. New Units Available
  206. Who finished HRB?
  207. Still only getting 3 hits from a full health bar
  208. Match up time up to 30 minutes!!!!!!
  209. Equipment stats still working for pvp?
  210. Conquest of kings individual reward
  211. Individual daily quest error?
  212. Bug in Individual Wins
  213. Once more, incompetence strikes. So many issues yet again.
  214. 6 Day War Format
  215. 5 or 6 days?
  216. Day 3 looms...
  217. Unit lost from being Attacked
  218. Individual War Rewards: One Item, or Cumulative Now?
  219. Gree matching #61 team with #1. Really?
  220. Please promise you will never do a six day war again
  221. Quickie Question...
  222. End of War Screw Up
  223. Where is the quest info gone
  224. Upcoming epic boss event
  225. Community event awards
  226. Hero Equip Gear Bonuses?
  227. Incorrect Prize for Counts Hold Guild Trials
  228. Basic question...
  229. Counts Hold
  230. PvP Red Skull and Crossbones
  231. Daylight Savings Time and Epic Boss
  232. Rivals list
  233. 24hr LTQ coming?
  234. What Exactly do Loot Items do?
  235. Epic Boss Timer
  236. Bats Belfry Box Event - Where Oh Where Are The Prizes ?
  237. Chest bug
  238. Event Rewards Need Some Serious Rebalancing (As in Raid Boss Rewards Suck)
  239. Orbs, a Loot Item.
  240. Is this game winding down?
  241. Game problems
  242. Update to iOS 8.2. Cannot Access Game Center
  243. [Prizes] Conquest of Kings: The Count's Conquest
  244. Please tell me war length is error
  245. war in 1 hour and no gem sales
  246. StraTegu Map
  247. Our wins for Guild: Battle for the Hold (day 1) are not counting.
  248. Divisions
  249. Strategy Maps dont function
  250. When There Are Issues That Can Throw An Entire War Into Chaos If Fixed...