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  1. False advertising is against the law
  2. Rotten points - gree must lowered the raw score
  3. My accounts seem to be commingled
  4. Prize for 70 battles is missing
  5. WAR BONUSES GONE!! War doesn't end for an hour!!
  6. no battle rewards??
  7. Can't Kill Epic Boss
  8. Epic Boss not working
  9. EB rewards
  10. RIP, Kingdom Age
  11. Pirate Cutter Problem
  12. What's with this delay?
  13. I demand an apology
  14. Stat inflation - what's the highest you've seen?
  15. Everything dies...
  16. Do Brierwood Botany Boost Buildings Stack?
  17. Missing war reward
  18. Still - Crates!!! Still - Trial!!! New - Retirement
  19. Incorrect boost on the Gladiator Transport
  20. GREE hires a VP of Revenue
  21. Pirate cutter
  22. Raid boss strength?
  23. Force hits heal boss
  24. The boost for the Arena Bluefin is wrong
  25. Thanks for bringing back the health refills on Raid Boss
  26. 5 Quests at once?
  27. Guild Quest Beat X number of Rivals, Day I is not right
  28. Trial gone after finishing stage
  29. Coliseum Clash Event Question
  30. Coliseum Clash Wrapper Rewards Requirements
  31. [Prizes] Conquest of Kings: Gladiator Games
  32. Gladiator Games War Rewards Posted!! Are top rewards meant to be cumulative??
  33. Stats in attacking ?!?!?
  34. Goodbye, Kingdom Age. Go [Self-Censored]
  35. Lack on communications on giving info about new changes in the game
  36. Members sitting this war out: STUPID REWARD -2% Building Payout Time
  37. Deleted thread
  38. Full Energy Bar only giving 3 hits.... Once again
  39. Server error like crazy
  40. Wins not counting
  41. Thank you gree (10 free refills)
  42. Indy dailies are not stacking
  43. Chest rewards during coliseum event
  44. Trial stats increase request
  45. Problem killing MOB in trials
  46. Epic Boss
  47. Why are there 400-700k drops falling when not on drop screen of loot
  48. Thieves!
  49. Deadwood crates !!!
  50. Can not access last map, Carrion Caverns
  51. What's up with Trials?
  52. Collection Time "Bonus"
  53. Game Innovation Epiphany!
  54. Help me stay in my guild
  55. I know this is a stretch but,
  56. Tapjoy and offers
  57. Beastly Den
  58. crashing
  59. What's up with Raid Boss?
  60. Wifi game won't load
  61. I can't buy gems...
  62. Game center problems
  63. Missing guild quest, woodland creatures
  64. Can't buy orbs
  65. Stats inflation - Defence Buildings
  66. Where are the Mobs in the new LTQ?
  67. Update units please
  68. There's a mistake in the war rewards
  69. Collection time reduction again? Really?
  70. Gree, are you serious, a KA update just before the war?
  71. New KA update, tons of questions, no anaswers...
  72. Guild Name Change
  73. Remember when. . . .
  74. New Features for Conquest of Kings
  75. What the heck just happened?????
  76. Missing guild quests
  77. Error log post update and war
  78. New War Points
  79. Treasure maps not stacking
  80. Trials Quest????? Active or Not
  81. Health Regen Petition
  82. Dwarfdeep Mire ILTQ takes an insane amount of energy
  83. EB rewards jacked up again
  84. Lost Chest bonus: +4% Bloodshed in Murky Alliance Defense
  85. RIP DJ (Member of The Ancients, ex-FUN, ex-RK3, ex-TCK ...)
  86. [Cycle Events] Bloodshed in the Murk
  87. 5/2 woodland staff
  88. Please make available previous weapons and armors for sell in store
  89. Do you guys have a kingdom vs kingdom battles?
  90. What's the boost on the Marsh Guardian for?
  91. Trials at beginner and warrior level with nightmare mobs
  92. Help please with Boss Raid hits
  93. Orbs? Any coming from Gree?
  94. Question for moderators and developers.
  95. Bloodshed in the Murk
  96. Dear gree : thanks for the matchup
  97. is the "special" battles a new gree plan to squeeze more gems???
  98. Alliance attack bounus, increase or decrease do not to work since the 25 new allies
  99. The bonus for the Mire Sub is not stacking
  100. How many premium battles have you gotten ??
  101. [CoK Bloodshed in the Murk] Hotzones...?
  102. Shadow trials
  103. Where are the orbs?
  104. Can't kill epic boss
  105. Tentacular Gelatinator cannot be killed
  106. What is "Silvan Ash" and where do I find it in my inventory?
  107. Top 50 not displaying
  108. Going to buff equipment too?
  109. Prizes
  110. Level up - skill points (MODS PLEASE READ)
  111. Masteer of the Shadow Wars Day 1 - must be a joke or a guild quest placed as indi....
  112. Buildings disappearing.
  113. Currant Raid Boss
  114. Aren't the raid boss prizes a smidgen low ??
  115. Conquest attack bonus showing incorrect boost
  116. Yet another kill 325 per day PVP
  117. Rivals list severly unfair
  118. Box event without boxes
  119. Insane amount of energy needed for the ILTQ
  120. Leaderboard Box Event. Does top 50 mean top 20 again?
  121. Box-Event / Leaderboard-Event
  122. +4% Power Attack as top5 individual reward
  123. upgrade costs for new boost buildings must be a error
  124. New expansion squares please
  125. Guild war rewards
  126. Thanks for the free skills reset
  127. Severe lag in KA since the war started
  128. Is sexual harassment tolerated in Kingdom Age?
  129. Gloom boxes!
  130. + 3% terror?
  131. Screen shot
  132. Time clock for next COK
  133. Sure hope those next war dates are wrong
  134. 6 day war? And only 2 weeks away? Gree, have you lost you're collective minds?
  135. +3 energy per minute bonus not working
  136. Again, boss canot be killed
  137. Epic boss - It must be a joke right?
  138. Events start and end time change
  139. Display problem
  140. Events start and end time change
  141. Water dragon
  142. Limited Time bundle sale disappeared?
  143. Gree lies (again) about the final prize in the PvP
  144. GREE - why do you make RB prizes so horrible?
  145. Bolt, Please confirm IF Health regen for box event is Permanent
  146. why so many temp bonuses for box?
  147. Conquest of Kings: Terror in the Jungle details
  148. Another Energy Guzzler ILTQ
  149. Omg, Deja Vu all over again. RB Normal prize has Temporary Boost
  150. Gem sale
  151. Can I change my Forum name
  152. Are notifications not working?
  153. War duration 1 d 23 h
  154. Watch out for strong guilds trolling the bottom
  155. Wins not counting towards the daily win totals again
  156. Countdown started but no war?
  157. Where are these blowout money buildings???
  158. Missing Emerald Guild Rewards
  159. Communication is key.
  160. Respect your players please
  161. Moderators!!!! Where are you guys?!?!?!
  162. Daily Scratcher going away...for now
  163. Gree, we like the 2 day wars, just not 3 in a row
  164. 4th of July sale
  165. Forum bug?
  166. Tiger Tooth Quest active but quest with box event not showing
  167. Health potion petition
  168. No 4 day war
  169. Crafting - when can we go higher than level 5?
  170. There was an error with the server...
  171. Kingdom Age can't connect to the server
  172. Re-completing quests
  173. So, what's all screwed up with this game now?
  174. Apparently why everyone has KA issues is because EB had an emergency tooth surgery
  175. Raiding
  176. Current gltq
  177. epic boss insanity
  178. What the hell are these periods with tails on them?
  179. Where is the tower of tyranny building?
  180. Upgrade Cost not showing
  181. Game down!
  182. anyone else turn in trials and have it count towards guild quest but not personal?
  183. Basic money buildings now cost gems????
  184. TINY Display on iPhone 6+
  185. Upgrade Costs Raised 10% ?
  186. Read this!
  187. Currency changes
  188. Pop up chest fraud
  189. Server problems ??
  190. Epic boss still dropping old box event teeth
  191. GLTQ Fraud
  192. Kingdom Age Feedback (7/14/2015)
  193. Once again, Gree gives us a temp bonus that can't be used.
  194. More gem building?
  195. Is this Raid Boss a joke?
  196. Are RB units for real?
  197. Massive energy ILTQ/GLTQ
  198. Layoffs at Gree's SF office
  199. Anyone still working at Gree? I have a question about the war.
  200. Dire Gem Event
  201. Omg, 15 minute RB kills not counting...Sirius please help
  202. Flaming Schooner Rewards
  203. Trouble already
  204. 20% off sale, not so much,
  205. Guild Quest for War Not Working???
  206. Sort function broken
  207. Gree, what are you going to do about the day one Guild quests?
  208. So let's review...
  209. Omg, another advertised permanent boost shows as temp when you win it
  210. avatar's jumping huge levels
  211. Worst weekend in the history of KA?
  212. Warrior Amulet is a fraud by Gree
  213. No Epic boss event? Or just late?
  214. Swift Slaying are not so swift...
  215. Guild trial quest is missing
  216. Church of Necromancy - New Building... Sortof!
  217. SIRIUS please give a status report
  218. KA Update
  219. Server error
  220. Daily guild EB completed but didn't count towards indy quest
  221. Sirius please help - banned account
  222. Returning player... Advice?
  223. What were the Guild Heroic Prizes from the last war?
  224. Game won't download
  225. What's up with Thunder in the Brush GLTQ?
  226. Boxes for event disappeared
  227. Map Issue
  228. GREE, please make KA fun again!
  229. battle start and duration
  230. Lumber Mill Problems
  231. Extra guild/member roles
  232. No Creatures
  233. Customer Support - banned account
  234. So.... What event do you suppose will start today ??
  235. Omg Gree, you started the wrong quest
  236. PLease explain what is up with EB during war????
  237. Old bug is new again
  238. Health for epic and battle is the same
  239. Can't Buy Gems
  240. Cannot connect to server....
  241. Daily unit boost not stacking !!!
  242. New Ltq...
  243. No event shield....again
  244. We have Winners!
  245. Problem with Epic Boss
  246. Be Honest, who is going to finish the LTQ?
  247. Unicorn ranch????
  248. Apply to be a volunteer moderator!
  249. Couple of ideas, one for new players, one for the rest of us, Please give new chars
  250. Missing - The Brook of Bora... no icon to open Bora baskets