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  1. Bound by Honor started?
  2. New LTQ Bound By Honor
  3. Farewell, Arcane Defender
  4. Why can't I see what I win in the pop-up?
  5. Suggestions
  6. Riddle me this...
  7. Reminder: The Battle for Dragon's Roost is next weekend
  8. Minimum level to unlock LTQ
  9. Gem Spending Explained
  10. LTQ Limited Time Quest - Spreadsheet Collection of drops.
  11. Gold just disappearing out of bank?
  12. Guild war prediction
  13. If you saw an unattended level 10 manor, would you hit it?
  14. Wanted to say Thank You
  15. Top guilds?
  16. Well what to say? Loving it all
  17. Can allies really attack allies?
  18. Tougher rivals = better rewards?
  19. Maybe a simple question, but I need to know: What is the selling price of a manor?
  20. What is the type of next event LTQ? is box event or PVE again?
  21. Payback is a _____
  22. Player tops 1 million in attack! Congratulations to Thorrodin (RK)!
  23. Adding/Deleting Allies
  24. Kingdom Age update available
  25. Changing your name
  26. I don't know how it chooses which of my units to show & IDC!!
  27. Bonus program or Bogus Program?
  28. Conquest of Kings slash screen with Declare war option!
  29. Vegas God of Luxury unit
  30. KA on the Play Store
  31. Are defense buildings worth it?
  32. Hey!, i figured out what this game is missing...
  33. New Maps & Initial Quests - Beast of the Barrens & Plains Walkers
  34. Dragoon Roost prizes changed from top 4000 to top 1250
  35. Kingdom Age - A year of congratulations
  36. Guild Upgrade, Wall, and Donation Calculator
  37. Need certain level for LTQ?
  38. Is my time in KA over?
  39. Camping VS. Leveling
  40. 3 lenders?
  41. Finally! A Gem Sale!
  42. Best of Luck to All at Dragon's Roost
  43. unlimited energy problem
  44. Absolutely Ridiculous....
  45. Any one know a way around the 3 mountain lock out?
  46. a good idea for a new update
  47. i ahve declared war
  48. Conquest of Kings: Best of Luck to ALL Our Guilds!
  49. Something wrong with wars in the iPhone 3GS?
  50. Do wins vs losses for wars mean anything?
  51. How do they determine how many CP you get?
  52. Last update
  53. Did Upgrade Buildings Cost just Go way up??
  54. Why low level players rule in guild wars!!!
  55. Greetings from across the pa****t
  56. Maximum stamina
  57. Sure is quiet around here... <kinda nice>
  58. Guild War : FUN vs ROYAL KNIGHTS
  59. UK affected by clocks going forward game messed up
  60. Once more major issue with Clocks!
  61. Highest Conquest Point Payout
  62. I can't collect from my buildings, anyone else?
  63. Happy easter to everyone !!!
  64. How are guilds paired for fights...
  65. Closest battle ever!
  66. why are the fights so random?
  67. Misprint of ally numbers?
  68. Guild leaders/leadership please read
  69. A limit is needed on the number of times a member can declare war!
  70. I wish we could see more than just the Top Ranks
  71. Isnt the war..
  72. Can I boot a player after the war immediately?
  73. Can we get a full winners list for the guild war?
  74. Connection problems tonight
  75. R.I.P Dragons
  76. Quest-question:
  77. Total Number of Guilds
  78. Something i noticed
  79. Cheating guilds, the new guild war system, GREE cheating policy, and you.
  80. Just have a question, top 10 can award top 10 prize or even the entire prize?
  81. War end time
  82. Gem Buyer Bonus Program Receivers
  83. Caaaawwww
  84. new LTQ
  85. Congratulations to All of the Guilds!
  86. Minimum Level for new LTQ ?
  87. Funzio ID Help
  88. Where is the winners list
  89. New LTQ: Save the Princess
  90. Battle For Dragon's Roost: Complete Winner's List!
  91. Butt kicking tbc!!!!
  92. Limited edition buildings
  93. Guild wars 5 days too long!
  94. Please GREE add more Honor Units
  95. Seeya at rehab..
  96. Blighted wood rewards
  97. Gem War and Skill War
  98. Ammagawd!
  99. Top 50 Best Quotes of the Guild Wars Event
  100. Vote if you would like gems every day
  101. Save the Princess Event QUESTION!!
  102. A Favor Request for the LTQ..!
  103. Best guild in war not using real money?
  104. Forum United Nation
  105. Only 1 Guild for You and Us Kingdom Slayers - 727-429-497
  106. Beginners, HOW TO JOIN A GUILD
  107. Screenshots
  108. EQUIPMENT in KA Free players food for thought
  109. How about a PVP day where vaults are open and a slight increase in vault size.
  110. Kingdom Age Limited Quests not on Ipad
  111. Dont increase Vault
  112. how can i improve my stats
  113. Epic Boss Calc
  114. Save the princess quest not comng up
  115. Who got their bonus gems
  116. Hacking guilds problem!
  117. Is there an option to delete our forum account somewhere?
  118. CP allocation methods
  119. Why does GREE wants us to level up so bad?
  120. Where to get high powered weapons
  121. What do you think the next gold units/equipment will be?
  122. and the Next LTQ is...
  123. Battle For Blighted Woods
  124. Battle For Dragon's Roost: Top 50 Elite Guild Winner's List!
  125. Server down?
  126. Level Mastery & XP required for LTQs
  127. Tips on making your Breeding Den 9 and 10 (Dragons) runs
  128. Champion Tournament
  129. I cannot understand the logic
  130. the Succubus. Epic boss event On....
  131. Spend More Get More?
  132. GREE, A Year Of Disaster
  133. the vault limit of 330k is hugely inadequate, needs to increase to like 1 or2 million
  134. Conquest points
  135. Farewell
  136. Breaking 1 million attack is easy, this guy did it in two weeks.
  137. How to play KA on Facebook and googleplus
  138. Found me a gold mine...
  139. The Maximum stats for a free player.
  140. Quick question
  141. Anniversary of Evil - New LTQ
  142. Transferring devices deleting accounts?
  143. Leaving KA
  144. What do we consider good stats these days?
  145. Kingdom Age Trivia Quiz- Let's try it :)
  146. So whatever happened to being "too weak to fight"...
  147. Help!
  148. put this on android please?!?!?
  149. KA - starting over - raiding only strategy - thoughts?
  150. Is this legite? 8m+ in gold at LEVEL 8!
  151. War sign turned red, the Battle for Blighted Woods is starting...
  152. Weapon and armour defence?
  153. Level 10 Manors
  154. Free Gems
  155. How long have you been playing?
  156. gem sales 24 hours.
  157. Old LTQ units with hidden bonuses
  158. Humbly request to the Gree
  159. Building Spreadsheet With Bonus calculators towards Cost, Time and Sell price.
  160. Retain Guild War Rewards
  161. You have already purchased this item but not downloaded... Problem buying gems, help!
  162. Buying LE set should have an extra bonus unit
  163. Ripped off by Gree!
  164. Rewards: The Battle for Blighted Woods
  165. Guild leaders/Officer read ONLY
  166. Forum members: come join Kakaotalk
  167. The Battle for Blighted Woods
  168. Need help on current quest: Anniversary of Evil
  169. GREE - UNFAIR game!
  170. Mega gem sale
  171. Defense buildings
  172. buy weapon, armor or units and stats decline plus other equipment mysteries
  173. Too meny ltd quests?
  174. Purpose of defense buildings??
  175. Just out of curiosity
  176. 1% More Alliance Attack
  177. To Guild or Not to Guild, that is the question
  178. So the current max values on looting is?:
  179. What ever happened to the add me events?
  180. Ultimate Kingdoms guild at #3
  181. Ok I can't attack anyone
  182. Anyway to track losses from battle in guild wars?
  183. Guild Matching seems out of whack.
  184. We need guild chat notifications
  185. GREE--get your act together and fix the server issue before it ruins the war!
  186. Conquest Points
  187. The Tribe Has Spoken....It's Time To GO !!!
  188. Its not my fault anymore...
  189. What is the latest you can declare war?
  190. Results -
  191. Battle for Dwarven Mines
  192. Bonuses not working
  193. TBC 3rd place finish Battle for Blighted Woods
  194. Dear Gree
  195. LTQ challenge of champions
  196. VAULT - Finally can be upgraded..!
  197. New Gold & Honor Unit too..!
  198. Feeling Robbed
  199. TBC
  200. LTQ Challenge of Champions (WITH REWARDS INFO)
  201. Vault + New Units == ?
  202. Standings
  203. What's this unit? Sylvan Bowman (3400/3066) infantry
  204. Battle For Blighted Woods Conquest of Kings Ranking..!
  205. Has anyone heard from Gree?
  206. GREE ADMIN - Please refund the wrongly deducted Gems!
  207. New Honor Units and Championship Rounds
  208. Honor Hack....
  209. Ltd quest issue
  210. @CJ54
  211. The New Strength Index - Earned Attack Ratio
  212. New Collect 10: Tonic Chest Event..!
  213. Modifying forum profile
  214. The end is near...
  215. Did i hearThe1andonly is banned
  216. General question about inactive and banned accounts
  217. HACK!
  218. CJ54 please read
  219. Guilds to Avoid
  220. So, is there some kind of criteria for the box event?
  221. No Apologies - (Not a Nirvana Reference)
  222. This may be the end for me
  223. Why is there actually a faction called "Alex" on the leaderboard?
  224. For the love of GREE, add a gem confirm button
  225. Best way to spend Gems to raise Stats
  226. PVE question
  227. @CJ54 - question on tickets
  228. Guild Chat Screen
  229. Abandon game
  230. Guilds by Rank in game or announcement of winners list
  231. Suggestion on a simple remedy for hacked guild accounts.
  232. What is the "player to weak to attack" algorithm
  233. Hmmm . . .
  234. Blighted Woods Winners List??? WTF
  235. Is the entire game falling apart?
  236. Shame hall - cheaters top
  237. Got the 10th tonic, bonus not working lol
  238. Watch videos for gem NOT WORKING, I WANT MY GEMS WTF!!! GREE IS RIPPING OFF!
  239. New Vault Upgrade Details
  240. Has a new Event started after the Tonic Box Event?
  241. New Honor Units Chart
  242. GREE and Customer Support
  243. New LTQ :The Fall Of Zoken DaggerHowl
  244. Event: Twelve Assassins
  245. KA Update
  246. Fix the event
  247. Minimum level for LTQ's question
  248. How many indestructible units do you have?
  249. Murky wallows
  250. Error in new Update / Patch