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  1. Can't do LTQ due to new update game crashes
  2. Posting Screenshots From iPad
  3. Show Your Bonuses
  4. Going Overtime
  5. Selling the farm(or Castle!)
  6. Max Gnomish Lab or Breeding Den?
  7. Skill Points
  8. Gree accidently swithched my account
  9. Casualty rate
  10. GREE game baby boomers
  11. When Will this be Avaliable on Android?
  12. 500 allies???
  13. Message To CJ54.......
  14. Changed Max Loot amount....
  15. Enemy counterattacks cost gold now?
  16. Zokon Daggerhowl L50
  17. Blighted Woods Winners List!
  18. Greek Box Event
  19. Is next war scheduled on Mother's Day???
  20. How much real money have you spent on this game?
  21. I absolutely LOVE it when...
  22. Ideas for Guild Quests and Events
  23. New glitch
  24. Boss tiers?
  25. Does your top 500 faction need a good bait player for war?
  26. Loosing money while your vaulting it?
  27. PVE Payouts Bugged
  28. Soon
  29. @@ Call for help @@ To Leader or any members in Maximus Meridius Guild !!
  30. Where is my game?
  31. Maximus Meridius Guild
  32. How do you know what is your enemy defense at war times?
  33. Suddenly lots of 56 to 60 member guilds
  34. Inability to access the guild group.
  35. 20% off SALE!!!
  36. Is it possible to have 1199 voracious abominations?
  37. CJ - any word?
  38. Looks like Boycott was a failure
  39. A Notice To All Lower-Level Fighting Guilds
  40. battle matching
  41. Dwarven mines war times.
  42. War without declaring.
  43. Happy Mother's Day!
  44. Data extraction
  45. This is the reason player(s) should be allowed to boot during the WD event!
  46. Disgruntled player to avoid in your guild!
  47. A Notice To All Higher-Level Fighting Guilds
  48. Super magic axe
  49. Battle Matching sucks
  50. Coliseum Quest
  51. Dwarven Mine's Winners list
  52. New conquest of the kings path
  53. Next war on Memorial Day Weekend....
  54. Gree really is not learning...
  55. Im leaving
  56. Missy tang 2
  57. Battle for Dwarven Mines CK Rankings..!
  58. Just started - The Trial
  59. An error occurred loading rivals
  60. LTQ Coliseum Quest - Spreadsheet
  61. 'Arrival' and 'Scintillating Shells' LTQs ???
  62. The Coliseum area mastery.
  63. Purchased Gems Won't Download
  64. OMG!
  65. Can you make this game more similar to diablo
  66. suggestions for group chat?
  67. Walls value for gold coin?
  68. Colloseum Quest - Area no available error
  69. Disapearing Profiles
  70. I saw the New LTQ
  71. Boss event question
  72. How is "Strongest Units and Items:" on battle results screen calculated?
  73. Drow Queen
  74. Dirty Recruiting tactics by Golden Griffin! Beware!
  75. Greed me for a fool!!
  76. Regarding that certain team...
  77. Update
  78. Darkness Rising
  79. Army " Indestructible units " / gold and honor units
  80. Connection issues?
  81. **please restart the game**
  82. Outrageous rewards killing the game?
  83. Vaults
  84. Epic boss event
  85. Fellow Gree players:
  86. Do you even need a BD 10 now?
  87. Energy recover
  88. Kingdom Age FAQs
  89. Update 1.8.3 is out!
  90. Hey Gree why don't you have members here help mod the site
  91. In memory of Memorial Weekend - NO to Darkhome under Siege
  92. To camp or not to camp, here is the question!
  93. Nice Boycott FUN
  94. Personal Information Safety
  95. Loading issues
  96. War every two weeks
  97. The Royal Knight
  98. Praeses who?
  99. Problem tranfering the game to a new device
  100. Sever down?
  101. magnus the twin showing up in eagles peak
  102. New Account -- if you had to do it all over again.
  103. War every month but that last one week!
  104. CJ/Sirius - policy update coming?
  105. Battle for Darkhome CK Rankings..!
  106. New Collect 10 event: Spider Box + LTQ: Dark Awakening..!
  107. Some players experiencing crashes
  108. Still no new buildings for KA
  109. LTQ Dark Awakening ~ Spreadsheet
  110. 60 Member Guilds
  111. CJ, Sirius, Is it possible to have the official guild ranking of the darkhome event?
  112. Bug in attack and defense display?
  113. New Attack Limit?
  114. GREE not crediting free gems earned after latest game update
  115. Cannot connect to server
  116. Unable to start KA, connection error
  117. Reminiscing...
  118. Forum Moderators
  119. how do you communicate with your guild members?
  120. Gem Epidemic - the funny pages
  121. Reset Timer or Magic Key?
  122. Disappointed
  123. Drow crossbows and axes (LTQ 11/15)
  124. How to make WD better.
  125. Wouldn't a South Park episode for Kingdom Age be great.
  126. The virtue of patience!
  127. How long is your response from a support ticket?
  128. Attention Sirius
  129. What's the funniest post you read in the forums.
  130. Equity in Games
  131. New money/unit Buildings for KA
  132. Trouble logging on?!?!
  133. Support is almost non-existant...
  134. Dead Forum... No longer a dying forum
  135. Orphic odyssey active?
  136. Losing money when you donate or bank
  137. Oracle's Odyssey LTQ has begun..!
  138. Server issues?
  139. The Oracle's Odyssey broke
  140. 4 hours reply from support ticket
  141. Haven't been able to participate in any new events
  142. Why isn't there a separate customer service subforum?
  143. Where is CJ?
  144. Keiros the Destroyer is now active
  145. Is there a Hero mob attack damage cap?
  146. The Spreadsheet for LTQ Oracle's Odyssey is up and running again.
  147. @ sirius or admin Very confused with drops on LTQ Oracle's Odyssey
  148. How to unblock a post from a previously block member?
  149. Bonus' not working
  150. A new lottery thing I started
  151. @ Sirius What are the guidelines for "Necro" old threads?
  152. Weapon for Rogues....
  153. Spreadsheets and Game Guides central.
  154. Damage to mobs
  155. Anyone play the game ******
  156. Raid math - Help me understand
  157. Messages being deleted on guild chat
  158. Not gaining health from leveling up?
  159. @ Gree and any moderators that may be watching. Just a Suggestion on Gold and Honor
  160. GREE Moderator(s) - please fix the look down capability in the Rival's List
  161. Do you likethat the recent LTQs have had less experience gained through doing them?
  162. New chests for sale in-game
  163. Anybody else having problems with Comments today?
  164. Free player beat boss 50 in 5 hits
  165. Temporary fix for game issues.
  166. I'm ready for war! Are you?!
  167. Guild Bonus Cost Breakdown (Does one exist?)
  168. Guild chat drop offs
  169. External chat Apps
  170. Kingdom Age Guild Recruitment Sheet - Revamped - Restarted - Need permission to edit.
  171. Forum Moderators
  172. Major energy glitch in new battle HELP.
  173. Only getting 2-3 hits with full health
  174. Loosing half Health for 1 hit
  175. Health and Health Pack issues Resolved!
  176. Gree, health regen still messed up
  177. @ Sirius What are the chances of a Best looking kingdom contest, by Gree in forums.
  178. To WaW Guild - News on Raghanne
  179. Walls
  180. The battle for 3rd
  181. FUN(#1) vs LoL(~50)
  182. If you could start over....advice for a newbie...
  183. Faction v Faction in modern war - Is it a sign of things to come in KA
  184. Help with Signature Footers
  185. Gree you took my gems again
  186. Witch hunts, speculations and assumptions. Whats the point?
  187. Discussion - what's acceptable to forum members on old threads, updates, etc
  188. Wish list or minor changes improvements/modifications to the game
  189. max vault
  190. Android CJ!
  191. Giantess "Solider"
  192. Battle for tenth
  193. Forum name issue
  194. MoC -v- IROC26
  195. Battle for Giant's Alley CK Rankings..!
  196. Free play vs pay play!
  198. More Events in Short Period
  199. Army attack
  200. Start the event already gree
  201. Any idea as to when the next event will start?
  202. The Dark Wanderer - LTQ
  203. Thanks Gree
  204. Ltq and boss
  205. There Be Indestructibles
  206. Need help setting up rss feed of Funzio forums for palringo.
  207. Losing gold and or xp
  208. GREE Major EXP glitch in LTQ
  209. Unable to Raid!!!!!
  210. Skill Points?
  211. What CRAZY ritual do you perform in order to get the game 2 work when it miss-behaves
  212. Sirius, is it possible to post the rank of all guilds of last war?
  213. Forum moderator candidates, a simple question.
  214. XP in the LTQ, raiding glitch last night
  215. What is considered a boycott thread, any guidelines?
  216. War of nations reward
  217. Conquest of Kings -Giant's Alley Winners list top 1000
  218. Does this LTQ not have a second round?
  219. Another, different XP glitch
  220. Free gems from Gree
  221. "Epic Boss" LTQ
  222. Boss
  223. Yet another glitch in the boss event
  224. Epic Boss: Forum United Nation: Onslaught
  225. Epic Boss - Forum United Nation : Onslaught & Defeat King Gabriel
  226. More new events?
  227. King Gabriel Boss event Bug
  228. Gree: error in "Spend more Get more" Special
  229. Check your XP - mine is skyrocketing up
  230. A response to your concerns regarding cheaters and taking a step forward together
  231. 5, 10, 15, etc Epic Boss Prizes
  232. FORUM UNITED NATION - Boss Event
  233. What happened GREE? I just got burnt twice in one week?
  234. Low CP for high level players
  235. Some ideas for Guild wars
  236. Guard towers / building limits
  237. Guard towers / buildiing limits
  238. Just name ONE...
  239. Posting rules
  240. Sirius/cj updAte question on transfer issue?
  241. EPIC BOSS question
  242. help
  243. The 200 Club
  244. Unanswered tickets - one nearly 3 months old. somebody help me please??
  245. System Chat Filter no longer works?
  246. Boss Health for each tier
  247. No skill points for maps awarded
  248. Gree - I have gems to spend, give something to spend them on
  249. Vault
  250. Update 1.9 out now!