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  1. Smallest possible change for largest increase in enjoyment
  2. Help the dude without any legendary
  3. Android guilds beware!!!!
  4. Money on the Epic Chest
  5. suggestion to improve the castle aspect of the game
  6. arena question.
  7. Guild Chat broken on iOS7
  8. Upcoming guild war is totally pointless unless you are one of the top 10 guilds.
  9. Another Spirit Epic
  10. War of the Damned! Coming October 10!
  11. Serious Friends list issue...
  12. War of the Damned
  13. Gree! Please change the lousy epic away and imprve the rewards for gw!
  14. New Epic Quest Gree
  15. Poll - Combining Armor
  16. A Letter to gree - tell me what you think about
  17. GREE: Please make a Prestige System?
  18. Opening Chests actually Random?
  19. Suggestion: Fusion Master Upgrades
  20. suggestion
  21. Transaction Cancelled: How Gree has resorted to Stealing instead of Scamming People.
  22. Lost Accounts and Account Transfers. What you need to know!!!!
  23. PVP - Strategy - What do you use?
  24. The Hunt has Begun. Epic Boss Ravenlord in your area until October 16
  25. Gree has officially lost it...
  26. War Idea....
  27. Raven Chest Results
  28. Guild War Top 10 Predictions
  29. Network connection error
  30. [Android Guild Wars] War or the Damned - October 10th
  31. A Sign? No 4 Day Wars?
  32. reset the android war!
  33. Connection Error and War
  34. short rant on guild wars
  35. [iOS Guild Wars] War or the Damned - October 10th
  36. The GM Thread
  37. Huge Kudos To DK - Who is Really #1 on Android?
  38. IOS Guild War - Watch your backs, they're coming to get you!
  39. Ponies or Unicorns?
  40. [Android] Race For Tenth!
  41. GW Reward Suggestion
  42. epic vs epic + enhancing
  43. Please fix point system for winning guild fights
  44. Declaring war is too easy to do
  45. [ANDROID] Grande Finale: Rance For Tenth!
  46. why fall into the trap of gree
  47. Why is the RavenLord's Non-Plus Armour so Much Worse than Its Plus Armour?
  48. Armor Elements: Which do you prefer? Adjacent, Split, or Mono???
  49. Curiosity about top 25 guilds
  50. How do you guys choose your High Commanders?
  51. [NEW UPDATE] Nerfed Knight Stats?
  52. Android War - Finishers 6-10 - Thank you all !!!
  53. Soulshard Necromantle
  54. Question... please help me out
  55. Data for the Rest of Us: IOS Guilds, what is your projected war performance?
  56. avoiding leechers
  57. War of the Damned iOS graphs
  58. Awesome Theory
  59. Guild Medal Glitch
  60. Have you defeated lv 60 epic boss?
  61. What do you like in armors?
  62. Night Watcher Boss Collection! Craft and Keep your armors!
  63. New Boss Fenris has set the town ablaze!
  64. [Android] Hardcore f2p guild could have taken top 10.
  65. New update!
  66. KeyPeen Challenge (Mini Game)
  67. need help
  68. Dark prince chest deal
  69. GettingSPAMMED with 20& off Energy Notification!?!?
  70. Favorite Element Combination
  71. Don't give out your friend code...
  72. Only The Best Gruop (yes I spelled that right) NOT A SISTER GUILD OF "ONLY THE BEST"
  73. Misses.
  74. Demand action! Elita sticky an official suggestions thread! Do not kill k&d!
  75. Christmas Day
  76. The arena matching system is a disgrace.
  77. [Suggestion] Remove Arena Building
  78. Blazeborn
  79. Circe: Earth/Air. How excited are you?
  80. Arena glitch?
  81. [Danger] Circe - October 23rd - October 30th
  82. Line group chat
  83. A few suggestions
  84. Great Job on mentioning 'Dark Knights' Gree
  85. Sad, no more fusion stones unless you finish in the top 100 in arena. There is no
  86. Last monsters not dropping right items
  87. What should I fuse?
  88. Night Watcher Chest Results
  89. Guild war?
  90. gree what is wrong with u?
  91. Android Top Guild Line Chat Group
  92. Stats for devoted non-plus?
  93. Guild War Rewards 51-250 are basically the same
  94. The issue of longevity and Spirit
  95. Official top ten reasons this game isnt worth your money
  96. no gems this war
  97. Poll buying armor
  98. To be an contender is it too expensive?
  99. How do you like the timing of the war?
  100. [TUTORIAL] How to level up non-stop past level 100!
  101. Roll-back, server lag?
  102. Make it pretty!
  103. Guild Level Rewards
  104. wriggling roots....help
  105. Chests are outdated. Can something be done about this?
  106. Guild invitations
  107. Props to a Great Game
  108. Avatar and signature pic
  109. Please Help!!! *OFFICIAL*
  110. accepting 3 new weak guys android
  111. Daenyrs, your inbox is full ^^
  112. cant make armors?
  113. Shakes his head
  114. Next boss LEAKED!!!
  115. Do we have a list of NEW legendary armors added to the game? I know of
  116. Do not join "knight of renais" guild, AKA USERS
  117. War...war never changes....except for K&D NEW War of the Wicked starts TODAY!
  118. Didn't they say the war energy bar was changed?
  119. A CLARIFICATION from the Knights of Renais
  120. Guardian Rewards
  121. Top 10 Predictions - War of the Wicked - Android
  122. Declared war, fought a bit, then war started over??..now cant declare....
  123. iOS Guild War: server errors and much bugginess
  124. War needs to end now!!
  125. Redemption Period and Headless Horseman at same time?
  126. Thanks for the recent DB element combinations
  127. If it lasts more than four hours call a doctor.
  128. off topic
  129. The + Side of Mutual Single GM Farming (pun fully intended)
  130. Better Matching Needed ASAP!
  131. (iOS) War leaderboard showing incorrect numbers
  132. [Danger] Headless Horseman - October 30th - November 6th
  133. Progressive Results from IOS guild war!!!
  134. **OFFICIAL** Feedback and Suggestions Thread!
  135. I gotta say...
  136. Thank you GREE!
  137. Bounty? WTF?
  138. enhancing armor advice
  139. Lets Make A Deal
  140. can a forum moderater help me
  141. raven lord and wolf armor fusion
  142. Armor disappearing??
  143. (iOS) War of the Wicked graphs
  144. question about lvling up guild
  145. Guild War suggestions
  146. An Observation, and a Complaint
  147. Epic Boss Simulation Spreadsheet
  148. question for the higher ranked guilds
  149. And now for something completely different...
  150. A CLARIFICATION from the Knights of Renais-Part 2
  151. my apology to #7 KOR They are not who I thought they were
  152. Maintenance!
  153. Blackfrost Raiment
  154. Friend list error
  155. whats the most you have donated to your guild at once
  156. WTH Gree?!? New Epic Boss an hour early?!
  157. another earth/spirit???
  158. Wyvern in need of wasting! New Epic Boss
  159. nemesis armor
  160. The Ultimate Armor Collection Challenge
  161. War Armours?
  162. Dark prince chest Half dragon armor deal
  163. armor glitch, please help
  164. New damage calculations?
  165. Rewards for leveling
  166. New epic boss idea
  167. How is this possible? (Android)
  168. Are basic armors good for leveling?
  169. Another glitch
  170. Gwen's Gem Jubilee
  171. Fusion War!
  172. [iOS]Help needed on getting a bronze or silver award in arena.
  173. reloading?
  174. Got BANNED
  175. The Rainbow Coalition: Preconceptions & Misconceptions
  176. Can't contribute gold to guilds
  177. Top Guild Contribute Glitch?
  178. Android Power Players, I need your help! (research)
  179. Video Offers Buggy
  180. Dat Behemoth
  181. New chests
  182. Is there any solution to guild contributions?
  183. Phone offers from telemobi
  184. Beat the Behemoth!
  185. Question bout switching device
  186. cheating check
  187. Guild rollback
  188. Read this, and it will change your life - new insights into the workings of K&D figh.
  189. [Android Guild Wars] 24 hour Fusion Fighter's Blitz
  190. [iOS Guild Wars] 24 hour Fusion Fighter's Blitz
  191. Fix guild war server
  192. Guild War Glitch preventing me from using all 4 GW Energy
  193. GREE
  194. OH WOW! Progressive Results for both ANDROID and IOS WARS!!
  195. no more frenzy?
  196. Multiple GMs
  197. Has Gree nerfed Guild Wars again?
  198. Can You Have *Too Many* Armours?
  199. iOS Blitz 3 war graphs
  200. Can someone from GREE please read this - unjust decision in the forum
  201. Tectonic
  202. EB
  203. December epic bosses
  204. Will make some guild banners / sigs
  205. How Do You Think Final Air Mono Epic Will Be Released?
  206. [Android] Server Maintenance 11/19/13
  207. wouldnt it be nice if...
  208. For the love of all that is good can we please have a patch notes thread.
  209. Screenshots of Fusions NEEDED!!!
  210. please help!
  211. Friend Referral Frenzy
  212. [Danger] Asherah - November 20th - November 27th
  213. [New Referral Rewards] Referral Frenzy
  214. What would a 'Guild Event' look like? --> Bring back old epic bosses?
  215. Clarify the new referral code thing
  216. Rename the game
  217. GREE: Please fix the referral reward
  218. Max level Burnout - We need something to do or we stop spending.
  219. Fix this gree!!!
  220. Forum Knowledge-Tips to Know
  221. 50 DPC chest results
  222. 1 easy step for rejuvenating the competitive k&d experience!
  223. guild war
  224. game transfer?
  225. Guild Wars Holiday????
  226. war strategy question
  227. Is this guild war the war i spend 1600+ gems on?
  228. Account hacked
  229. New Area's Planned?
  230. Level 100 requirement?
  231. next gem offer ideas
  232. CONTEST: Who do you think will win this guild war? (virtual brownie points)
  233. new EB
  234. Guild war ideas
  235. Limited Edition Thanksgiving Chest (ArborSteel Vanguard)
  236. Video Offers need fixing
  237. 1 simple thing Guild Wars need...
  238. Arena Bugged?
  239. What do think this will be? New Arena.
  240. War Results! IOS and Android - Updated daily!
  241. Stripping is it cheating
  242. Global Chat
  243. Question for fusing?
  244. A personal note to RR
  245. fusion rate luck?
  246. iOS Holiday Havoc war graphs
  247. Make the music in my head stop!!!
  248. Video Offers Broken?
  249. One way to determine best guild...
  250. Vote now for Knights!