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  1. Tourney matchups
  2. New DPC offer
  3. Epic Boss Bug
  4. Epic Abominable Snowman BOSS!!!!
  5. Really Gree, another 4-day GW next week? Two weeks after the last GW. Trying to ++
  6. New arena seems exactly the same?
  7. New update! Do it yourself account transfers and more!! Download the new update now!
  8. Awesome Job Gree
  9. PATCH NOTES. Go to your app store and download the update NOWWWWWWW!
  10. Thoughts on New Arena Update
  11. New Arena Guide!! 50 minutes, 9 wins, 1200 points
  12. Power Attack discussion
  13. It's Like Magic!
  14. Line chat impostor
  15. Forgestone, now fusable!!!
  16. Last Update
  17. Did GREE just quietly remove gems from gold chest?
  18. New Yule Chest and Red Kaleidoscopic+? Is this a new 4-star armor?
  19. Thanks for Nothing! :[
  20. Forever R.I.P
  21. Getting spammed with Uncommon armors from arena. Need option to sell armors
  22. #22 Team Unicorn Will Be Sitting out this war
  23. Arena won't give me my rewards?!
  24. Hoe do you report a player?
  25. Misses!?
  26. Bug: two fights at once (extreme,Band of Hawk
  27. Bug: can't pass boss at level 45
  28. RR in 5th??
  29. Guild Wars and Arena are a JOKE
  30. top 10 leech ban
  31. (3) Winter Kings -- Winter is Coming
  32. Starter Pack Gem/Gold Purchase
  33. Winter Keys
  34. Bug
  35. Thanks to you...we're #1!
  36. (iOS) Frosty Fracas war graphs
  37. pssst hey euni
  38. How do you get revenge battle in the new arena?
  39. Arena, noticed something funny
  40. new referral rewards (cloudrange and water boost)
  41. [New Referral Rewards] Referral Rush
  42. [Danger] Jack Frost - December 11th - December 18th
  43. [Boss Collection] The Winter Kings
  44. Exponentially Decrease # of Sticked Threads?
  45. Who Wants To Play The MVP Game?
  46. How should I do this boss collection?
  47. hmm...arena...arena...
  48. Question about boss armor+
  49. meh I can't tell how much I am donating to the guild
  50. Fusion war!
  51. For all of you guys that are pro snakeskin farmers.
  52. Ideal / Best Line Up
  53. Predictions of elements for upcoming guild war!
  54. Winter Chest Results
  55. Epic Boss Alert! Krampus is in your neighborhood
  56. EE drop rates
  57. Look on the bright side
  58. Make a personal milestone for guild wars
  59. Armor inventory
  60. epic boss glitch...plus fix Gree
  61. Snowflake chest
  62. This is bitter... beaten by last seconds?
  63. [Guild Wars iOS] Winter Fusion Fighter's Blitz - December 20th *24 Hours Only*
  64. [Guild Wars Android] Winter Fusion Fighter's Blitz - December 20th *24 Hours Only*
  65. final winter kings EB elements leaked!
  66. Guild Champions
  67. Progress Results from Android and iOS blitz wars
  68. We want a Content Update and Competion! Please Read!
  69. New Fusable Armors
  70. About declaring
  71. When's the next gem sale?
  72. new war again??
  73. Rewards for the upcoming GW "War of Kings" is absolutely ridiculous!!!
  74. What's the point of epic armor war???
  75. Fastest Way to Level Up Armor, Assuming Unlimited Gold/Gems
  76. Is this a glitch, or does DK Asian actually have the next EB armor already?
  77. Fuse made
  78. KD lags and sometimes crashed on my device
  79. New Winter Chest
  80. Hardcore gemmers or cheaters?
  81. Gree response to counter the Gem spend boycotting: BM+ as reward?
  82. What would you do to spend 5000 gems?
  83. Ideas which Gree should implement in the new Gameplay
  84. New Winter War of Kings has started!
  85. Epic Boss: Glacius!
  86. When do you stop spending gems
  87. Winter Keys Results
  88. Progressive Results from iOS guild war - Dec 26-29
  89. (iOS) War of Kings graphs
  90. Bronze Chromatic
  91. Issue binding/transferring?
  92. Arena Winning Streaks
  93. More Fusable Armors
  94. How are you going to open your free winter chests?
  95. New Year resolution, which epic+ do you want the most?
  96. New to the game
  97. people that dont use or read the chat box...
  98. Is It. time to Fold
  99. Dont remove the guild war screen
  100. Are the new EB gonna be stronger than regular moontide?
  101. wow 9 friend requests within 5 minutes
  102. It's Hannibal!
  103. Winter kings - no time left to craft??
  104. Epic Boss Wrath Demon is here!
  105. Strippers for RR
  106. New Dark Prince Chest Special
  107. Forgestone as arena prize???
  108. Boooo. Just boo
  109. The new arena and a possible twink!
  110. So, when did you get your first epic?
  111. I've noticed something fishy about epic boss.
  112. arena reward money
  113. Terms of Service
  114. people saying theyre not participating in this arena tourny because the purse sux...
  115. Bored
  116. SALE??
  117. Gree obviously doesnt care anymore, Horrible Wurm's Cousin
  118. Fusion chest results
  119. Winter Chest is looking all weird? Or is this a new one?
  120. new update
  121. This week's Epic Boss: Fire Drake!
  122. OMG!! Darkness Slayers is looking for new members.. go look on the recruitment thread
  123. arena misses
  124. Back to the usual...
  125. Arena + Tournament points
  126. An update during the middle of war?
  127. Progressive Results from iOS Blitz War January 2014!
  128. A small program that I want to create ... You will Use it?
  129. (iOS) Blitz war 5 graphs
  130. Editing Guild Recruitment Thread
  131. Fusion Combination Epic lvl99+Epic lvl99 = ??? You can share here...
  132. I remember when...
  133. Most points per minute possible in arena... without gemming.
  134. 1st place in arena
  135. Armor data spreadsheet falling behind
  136. Ribbon A, B and maybe even C rewards need to be better.
  137. yet another boss armor for all outside the top 10
  138. Tests
  139. new war old boss
  140. Are videos time of the day based?
  141. I could really use some help naming my knights!
  142. Weekly Epic Boss: Desert Wurm
  143. This new boss, Desert Wurm sucks :( Gree needs to step up their game with these EB's
  144. tournament
  145. Arena gold medal at position 97000?
  146. What are peoples' views on this new epic & epic chest deal?
  147. Guild War!!! Wooo!
  148. Sandstorm chest no new epic
  149. Gifted epic???
  150. [Guild War iOS] War of the Conjuror 1/17/14 - 1/20/14
  151. [Guild War Android] War of the Conjuror 1/17/14 - 1/20/14
  152. Guild War New Features Poll
  153. I think they should add knight skin colors-
  154. Progressive Results from iOS guild war - Jan 17-20
  155. System Behind Points for Guild War Battles
  156. War of the Conjuror - Abnormal Results
  157. Censorship Overkill
  158. (iOS) War 8 graphs
  159. Should GW rewards be changed?
  160. Guild war match ups
  161. Where would I go if I found a bug in game and wanted to report it?
  162. Capes
  163. fun for all
  164. War Rewards Error? New Joins are receiving previous war rewards
  165. New Boss Battle, Wait What!!!! Desert Wurm AGAIN!!!!!
  166. GREE - have your thought of variety??
  167. Is anyone else having technical issues with Knights?
  168. [Danger] Typhoon Serpent - January 22nd - January 29th
  169. Short Survey: We'd Love To Have Your Feedback!
  170. Patch Notes?
  171. What happened to alias lookup?
  172. Flash sale! 30%!
  173. Power creep graph
  174. Fortune Chests Results
  175. Known Fusible EPICs List
  176. Arena 3 streak reward
  177. Trading Armor
  178. Epic Bosses
  179. Recovering Account - Fastest Method?
  180. Account transfer
  181. Fusion War
  182. Ummmmm....?
  183. (iOS) Blitz war 6 graph
  184. Paging teh eunuchoRRn
  185. Update failed error
  186. Prince chest
  188. New Info?
  189. Seriously...
  190. shafted by the man
  191. Have to say Good Bye
  192. Vesture of Frost as a reward is an insult
  193. Gree staff read
  194. Discount iTunes Cards
  195. everyones mad
  196. [Danger!] Weekly Epic Boss Nian, is here!
  197. Armor Smith Lag Like Your Mother FUC*ER Puss*GREE
  198. Just wondering..
  199. How Can I Find My Friend Code?
  200. War of the Unlimited
  201. new epic
  202. 2nd Generation Epics Officially Here + Nian Chest Results
  203. How about this....
  204. Anyone else remember....?
  205. My First Ever Nemesis, and I won't be using it
  206. Beginners Luck On Chance Chests
  207. Playing on Two Devices
  208. Angry Gree fix your war servers!!! Lacking POINTS!!!
  209. Stat errors?
  210. AccountError:37 Retrieve acct problem
  211. Good banner makers?
  212. High levels 200+ or 300+ vs 100+ In wars
  213. Next week anouther recycled boss? :(
  214. ATTENTION GUILDS - this member you might want to avoid
  215. New update for Android!! GIFTING...
  216. New 6 star armor!
  217. Rainbow room may be done this war, take a poll
  218. Thanks Gree!!!
  219. (iOS) War 9 graphs
  220. New Guild-War Rewards? Vote
  221. Misses and criticals
  222. Ever heard of spellcheck GREE??!!
  223. [DANGER!] Weekly Epic Boss, Razorwind elemental is here!
  224. Knights & Dragons Trading
  225. It's finally happened, 2 wars in 1 week, LOL. The last GW just ended on Tuesday.
  226. New update for iOS! Check out the patch notes!
  227. looking to merge guilds with active members
  228. GFX Request/ Signature request
  229. Is anyone else getting bored of wars being every week?
  230. Rant about customer support
  231. So i thought of sharing something funny before war starts :)
  232. i just made a lvl 10
  233. Warning to all guild masters!!
  234. Sentinel way powerful now in new war???
  235. GREE!!! Thank you so much for this awesome event!
  236. Gree, what's this?
  237. Why is it so hard to make it so only HC's and above can declare???
  238. (iOS) Blitz war 7 graphs
  239. Guild War Slackers
  240. New Update Rainbow and starter pack
  241. New gw.... again. And guess what prize for 11+ is?
  242. Premature congratulations to Rainbow <guild> for their 100mil point war
  243. Somebody Explain this added 'Gift' on DP Bounty
  244. "Gifting" is just GREE's way of raising gem prices
  245. Gifting Sucks
  246. valentine pack bug
  247. Combine armor results app site
  248. New Cupid Chest results
  249. Lightning Lord armor compensation? [android]
  250. Danger! Epic Boss Redstone Titan is Here!