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Shinedown Gree
10-06-2014, 01:33 PM

Another month of playing this game. I just wanted to share my thoughts on what should be done to fix the game

1. Listen to us customers much more often. For example, the past few weeks we have been protesting this temporary boost concept. It is evident the majority of players despise this concept. Yet your company still ignore us. I was impressed by your giving us 100 free folders and the extending of the raid boss, it allowed many teams to complete prestige and/or masters for the first time. However, I am disappointed by this "player appreciation month". Honestly, 25 front line tanks is nothing. I buy thousands at a time. I also see no point in these contests that you all are holding. The time it'd take a entrant/first prize receipent is not worth the 250 gold. I believe that most if not all, would rather just have a 40% of gold sale, like the ones that occurred in the past.

2. Recently a major annoyance and issue has popped up when raiding/ or being raided. Players are now able to raid others that have a defense that is 700m-1b higher then their attack.

3. I, along with most all players, are unhappy with gree's customer support. We are your customers.. We are the ones paying you (sadly). We should be receiving quick and prompt responses, not ones that take days. Most, if not all, major software/tech companies have support 7 days a week, have phone supprt, and Some even go the extra mile and offer 24/7 support. Gree is an exception to all of these. If they are going to be paid and host events on the weekends. It would be common sense for them to be in office on the weekend too.

I wrote this post as a guideline on how gree can improve the game. This is not a flaming or trolling thread, mods. I am sick of hearing this being the excuse for closing down many important and serious posts