View Full Version : Top 150 Faction Player looking for a new faction

10-06-2014, 07:52 PM
My faction just blew up. Leadership could not get along with each other. Who knows....

I am a "Truckload of Gold a month for War" player. I finish all faction LTQs first and then my own. I have obtained 100 lvl boss a few months in a row.

Stats with last faction boosts (not all boosts attained)

Level 235
Attack: 600m
Def: 400m something

** With current stats: 860M attack
460m Def

IPH: 12M
WD avg points: 60K

I am looking for a Top 150 or higher faction. My only suggestion is to have all faction boosts. Please give me your faction code when contacting me. Looking for a long-term faction where I can grow and become a member of the team. I use GroupMe. I prefer it.