View Full Version : Raids/attacks/allocations points' proposal

big fat dad
10-14-2014, 01:50 AM
After so many posts about raiding/reallocations skill points I have 3 proposals how to stop this "madness".

The problems are:
1. skill points already allocated to attack/defence are not working/usefull and soldiers would like to reallocate them,
2. defence buildings are a pc of...nothing when comes to raid. and some soldiers spent hours for buying and upgrading them.

Solutions seem to be quite easy for Gree.
If only programmers could implement the code according to:
My propose No 1... each level of defense building = 10m or 50m or 100m (it is not my job to decide the exact number) added to buildings' defense strenght. That would be a grand come back of these items! and a kind of solution to the raided people.

My propose No 2...each attack/defense points should be x 10m, 50m, 100m (again not my job to decide) added to soldier's defense strenght.

These two proposals would provide true elements of randomness (!) for raiders/attackers and would eliminate the claims of the (present) victims. Player would have a choice: defense buildings to upgrade first or money buildings or units or boosts!
Now defense and unit buildings are...worth nothing and left aside/no upgrades!!!

Also having a propose No 3. The soldier could attack/raid the rival ONLY if having on his account 1m cash (not my job...how much). Each failed attack/raid =50k penalty to the rival!

Due to these 3 proposals game would be the real game/gambling! PEople would have to double think if they are capable of raiding higher opponet and at the same time bigger soldiers would not cry like babies that sb just took my money. It would be their fault to protect their base/vault.

In my opinion fair proposals and not so difficult to introduce.