View Full Version : Well done Gree, best Epic Boss event in a long time

Jason SS
10-14-2014, 03:35 PM
I must admit that I have been losing interest in Epic Boss quests over the last few months, but the set up of this event has got me excited about them again. So far all of the reactions within my guild and from other allies in the game has been positive, this should be the model that Gree uses when planning future Epic Bosses.

Here are several reasons why I liked this event:
- finally a return to the 7 day boss quest! Please don't change it back to 5 or 6 days
- An attack bonus on the daily guild quest reward
- the temporary bonuses gave most players a chance to reach boss levels that they could never get to before
- The battle health refills drops are great - either to help kill more bosses or to farm and save for later events

Does anyone have any other feedback to add? The only slightly negative things that I can think of are that the xp gain is still too high and the unit reward stats are fairly weak relative to what you can win doing trials.

10-14-2014, 06:04 PM
A++ idea to add health potions.

Shade CBD
10-14-2014, 06:53 PM
Love the permanent attack bonuses. We needed them!

10-14-2014, 08:32 PM
Some observations on the Epic Boss

1). A great improvement having Crates and Battle Health Refills as prizes. Crates are better than worthless units any day, and Battle Health Refills are much better than marginal units. Too bad we still can win Unearthed Coffins on the lower levels.

2). Legendary units are actually being won. In the past I might win 1-3 while finishing the Legendary quests. This time I've won over 10 of them!

3). Still a lot of experience points being won. EB tends to level the mid level players up a lot, and it absolutely ruins lower level peeps.

4). After the last EB, I wasn't sure I would go for legendary again, but this time the final prize units and bonuses for legendary were outstanding!

Overall, Epic Boss has been pretty good!

10-15-2014, 03:52 AM
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10-15-2014, 04:03 AM
You can tap the little triangular symbol in the lower left corner of his post to report him. If a number of us do that, his post will be removed
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10-15-2014, 11:39 AM
I loved it thanks Gree I got 100 bosses and leg for the first time was great fun.

10-15-2014, 11:41 AM
Awesome and great feedback! Thanks for the sweet compliments!

It's a baby penguin kind of day:


10-15-2014, 12:02 PM
Normally I don't get far in the boss events, it was a long time ago I could finish one. But because I had a few temporary bonusses it seemed to be the right moment to give it a try. It was a tough fight, but somehow I managed to finish ��! Overall this indeed was a great event, well done Gree!

garen argon
10-16-2014, 08:13 AM
great points squirrel. just wish the reward for 100 kills had a boost most could use. the +atk is marginal.

aside from that; this was a very solid event.

10-17-2014, 04:32 PM
Overall I am happier with the EB of late, but still don't like that I have 0 chance of getting to L100 without spending RL $$. I'm a free player but I am willing to spend the time needed to get there. I don't think it would be so hard to setup the EB to be based on a players stats, not just their level. I was able to complete L100 a long time ago when I was a L19 player but don't get close to L50 now. The only reason I participate now is for GLTQ as the XP is high and the units are not that good at lower levels.

I really enjoy getting health refills or at least a chance at them now :d Good job Gree, maybe add energy refills as well?? Just a thought :)