View Full Version : lvl 109 50m stats lf top 50-150 alliance

10-18-2014, 12:49 PM
Stats are 50m
Iph is 500k
Post bellow if your intrested in having me in your syndicate

10-18-2014, 01:19 PM
Stats are 50m
Iph is 500k
Post bellow if your intrested in having me in your syndicate

what do you do per battle and do u use groupme

10-19-2014, 07:12 PM
Why anyone would play this game us beyond me. It involves no skill, mind numbing tapping and just spending endless amounts of cash to get meaningless prizes. Free play is a joke and you can never hope for anything meaningful ... This is not a free game. You are stupid if you think otherwise.

Most of the big spenders here are refunded some amounts by Gree or are on their payroll somehow. They get to beta test and get additional stuff others can never hope to get, which is why you can NEVER hope to even catch up. Which means the game is rigged and stacked up against you. Why would anyone want to play a rigged game? There were glitches that were exploited and apparently fixed, and I am sure there are currently still more around that the "chosen few" still exploit. Again this is stacked against 95% of the player ... The real players Gree makes money from.

Events used to be fun and for the players, this is not the case anymore. Now it's how many events can be run and how much money can be made. They are not fun! There is not a single fun event on at the moment.

Events are badly designed and coded and full of issues when released, server problems, reused graphics and competitions for users ideas (weapons, characters etc) are signs that the Dev and artistic teams are going downhill. There are issues galore. Again this apathy means that this is going downhill!

The game mechanics suck and will always be about tapping, getting some prizes and/or some ranking which result is some meaningless increase in stats .... Depending on how much money you spent and then doing it all over again. This gets boring FAST and if you are doing it for more than 6 months or are either lazy to do anything else, bored of your life, lack morale and self esteem or basically hate your parents and want to piss their money away. No smart, successful person ..... Professional, businessman, celebrity or even housewife/husband would play this game without realizing it's screwed up ... Either way you have to be mentally deficient to play this for any reasonable amounts of time.

11-18-2014, 05:55 AM
join WCW top 75 team and climbing pm if interested