View Full Version : Robbed of Units

10-21-2014, 03:26 PM
Gree offered us a beautiful 9m stat unit as part of Masters LTQ. And even better, a health regen bonus as the speed reward. Of course, as a gold using faction we went straight for it. Until we hit level 3. We got the first 8 targets down.... and nothing. No further targets have counted. We have had several members submit tickets and our FL sent one on behalf of our faction. We have been sending them since shortly after the event started. And all we have gotten from Gree is that standard Sorry for you, we will tell our developers, ticket closed.

This is... unconscionable. We spend money and fight hard during WD for our rank against similar teams. During the cycle we spend money to get the stats to be able to match them. How is it in any way fair for some teams to not even have the chance at the 9m unit even when they have the will and ability to go for it while others are not handicapped in such a way? What about the additional hits the regen will allow those teams that we will not have? With 60 players, that amount of free hits can make a big difference to a team, compounded by every WD going forward.

Gree needs to make this right somehow. And soon. It's one of their biggest blunders to date.

10-21-2014, 03:51 PM
Its already happened once, during last cycles RB. Our faction had it freeze on master lvl 23/29. After a couple weeks and a hundred or so tickets, only half of the faction received the final prize. And those who did, didn't recirve the units or valor for the bosses in between. Good luck to your team dealing with Gree support