View Full Version : Filthy hands co. Top 400 recruiting 4 members

10-22-2014, 10:09 AM
Looking to recruit multi daily active fun but on the rise competive players to beef up the roster
-Must have Kakao
-Participate in all events
-Optinal: receive texts regarding roll calls and boss calls.
-Modest donation of iphx24x2.5 to be worked on thru the month
-Minis welcomed with main accounts. Strong active minis without mains welcomed as well
-Bonuses near 60% and growing rapidly, at least 8 per month bought
-Must be a team player
Please contact JLo or Jlew23 with screenshot of stats or more info..and cone meet us.
Interested already? Make your request at 140372171 and contact me thru kakao .