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10-22-2014, 01:25 PM
Are you active?*
Can you score 40k IP during a 3 day battle?*
Decent stats for your level?*
Want a boost in stats from our bonuses?
Did your current synd complete this last raid boss?*


We completed this recent raid boss and have only not finished one, not many synds can say that. Finished 66th in 24 hour battle and 68th during 3 day. We're a fun group of people looking to fill 2 spots. Come join a winning team. We finished both perfect win streaks in Street Assault and ranked 55. You can find me on the chat app LINE on Google or apple store.

LINE ID : sntladyboss

Sick n Twisted

Fight Respect payout +50%
Jobs payout +50%
Car attack +45%
Car defense +50%
Building Output +50%
Melee Attack +50%
Melee Defense +50%
Gun Attack +40%
Gun Defense +50%
Armor Attack +50%
Armor Defense +50%
Explosive Attack +50%
Explosive Defense +50%
Building Defense +50%
Hideout Health +50%
Hideout Damage +50%
Influence Increase +50%


All members are required to be active and communicate.*

What current Sickos have to say about their experiences here:
. Sick N Twisted. Organized group of sadists that enjoy robbing, mobbing and shot calling. From UK, To Australia and back to The States, our mobscene is the best to come. Ranked top 75 we are a growing family of killers. Level 10 hideouts, scout snipers to pick off the weaker opponents, even intel on all syndicates being formed across the world. Mercenaries? Yes when needed even Sickos bring in the best to help our Syndicate grow. Our influence and hoods are expanding with invading mafia families being taken down in leaps and bounds. No boss is too strong for us and we send them back in body bags."

Join the Twister!!!


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