View Full Version : gree please remove boss flash ups on ios screens

10-26-2014, 12:14 AM
gree please remove raid boss flash ups on ios players screens . u cant even play the game while farming and regular bosses r being called . i literally have to leave my faction just to play the game .

Retired and not happy
10-26-2014, 01:33 AM
Stop being a pawn to apple and get an android. Problem Solved

10-26-2014, 02:05 AM
Stop being a pawn to apple and get an android. Problem Solved

Why is he a pawn to Apple? Just because he chooses to purchase a certain brand of phone you don't like, doesn't mean he's some sort of brainwashed Apple fanboy!! If your logic is anything to go by then we could turn it around on you and tell you to stop being an android pawn!! Just because you have your thoughts and judgements it doesn't mean they are right!!
And guess what, this reply reads exactly the same if you view it on apple or android.

10-26-2014, 04:24 AM
Totally agree, pretty anoying and some times almost impossible to play due to the constant pop-ups.

10-26-2014, 05:00 AM
Wow, I didn't realize this was an iOS only 'feature'!
I've just been living with it and cursing during the events.
I agree... Please fix.

10-26-2014, 08:41 AM
Completely agree with OP. Gree, please make this an option in the settings

10-26-2014, 02:35 PM
+1 for the OP. please, please, remove the pop-ups.

10-26-2014, 03:38 PM
Yup i also agree as the first 6 hours of raid boss i usually just turn off MW as its unplayable with all of the other delays in game combined with pop ups quicker than my game can process.

10-26-2014, 04:19 PM
I like the feature. That way I know when a boss is summoned.

10-27-2014, 01:55 PM
I like the feature. That way I know when a boss is summoned.

Not so bad when you are already in the game, but its really bad when you go offline for an hour while everyone in your faction is farming 5's to 60's. Then its a mass of bosses that you could care less about but have to wade through just to collect your buildings when you come back online

10-29-2014, 01:55 AM
The screens saying bosses were defeated are especially unnecessary. Get rid of those and cut pop ups in half.

jj JJ
10-29-2014, 05:25 AM
As an officer who is summoning, I can tell you these pop-up screens are worthless and make the whole faction suffer! If you are in a faction and have ever complained that the officers are not summoning bosses fast enough, one of the reasons is these dumb boss pop-up screens. Worst two times for this is during the start of the event and during farming for the wrapper. Wrapper farming as an officer trying to summon for everyone else is beyond painful because of these pop-ups. I don't need a pop-up to tell me a boss is down, if I can summon it then the button is lit and that's all I need. But these pop-ups waste time to clear that I could spend summoning.

As a player, the pop-ups are frustrating as well. If my faction is farming and I open the game, my ios device is going to crash because of all the pop-ups for bosses that I could care less about. And even during the missions part of raid boss, the pop-ups are useless. During the missions if you are full then just hit the boss that's up, don't wait for a new boss!

10-29-2014, 06:16 AM
Fully agree - get rid of the damn pop-ups

10-29-2014, 09:29 AM
+1 Pop ups are in the way.

10-29-2014, 09:37 AM
I don't suffer from the problem, but I would be compelled to smash my phone during every raid boss event