View Full Version : FREE AGENT Looking for top 50

10-29-2014, 02:58 AM
Attack 1.9B
Defense 1.5 B
Lvl 152
Medium gold spender in USA i.e. several vaults per month
Stats are unboosted...I'm a very active daily player, I can easily score 100k+ in WD. I also participate in all other events. Left my previous faction because they were dropping in the rankings and had trouble getting rid of the dead weight. I have group me, but am willing to use an other comm program. Also am already familiar with docbot

Dave Gould
10-29-2014, 03:15 AM
we're not top 50 but pushing up the ranks very quickly. We were just outside top 100 and are recuriting active players to secure that and push on for top 50
u. You need to be on groupme, ping me a message on link below if you're interested.



Casualty reduc -14%
Health regen -30%
G Attack +30%
I Attack +35%
A Attack +25%
S Attack +15%
G defense +35%
I defense +35%
A defense +35%
S defense +35%
Bulding defense +35%
Building output +35%
Guild +40