View Full Version : Join Death Row, top 50 team since the beginning

Death Row Syndacite
10-31-2014, 02:39 AM
Death Row has been a top 50 team or better since the start of syndacites. We are not an up and down team. We offer a consistent team with long time players and best stat growth possible with minimum to no gold depending on your activity. We have a lively chat room with people from all over the world and officer assistance 24/7.
-we finish team events including all RB no matter how high Gree raises the bar
-we complete elite goals in Street Assault
-we use kakoa for chat and intel
-we don't boot players when real life problems pop up
-we had IP bonus maxed since new bonuses were released
-we ask for 50k IP during 3 day battles
-we are NOT a new team and have been top 50 since the beginning

Download Kakoa and search for Circus31 or justin2012CC
Don't hesitate, join today!!! 234340764 is our syn code