View Full Version : Join Party Boys House of Fun!!!

Two Foot Sal
11-09-2014, 08:26 AM
Are you looking for a laid back syndicate with good people where you can play in relaxed atmosphere? House of Fun is the place for you!!! Finished top 250 in last SA event and had a blast doing it. Lots of bonuses unlocked and no rules as far as money donations ... contribute what you can.

We use groupme to chat.

This is a perfect syndicate for lower levels looking to grow or someone who wants to play but not at a top 100 pace.

Get back to me and let's talk about getting you into Party Boys House of Fun!!!!

11-09-2014, 09:32 AM
Are you looking to join a new syndicate?
We are M2S, a Top 150 syndicate looking for people who want to have fun.
▪ No gold requirements.
▪ Participation in syndicate events
▪ Donate all bricks and uzis
▪ Donate all income on Wednesdays
Come join us in our recruitment room