View Full Version : Defence Building Increase

11-13-2014, 02:37 AM
Gree has increased the defence of all the old defence buildings. It doesn't make a huge difference but I noticed it and thought I would say. E.g. Guard Towers were 20 at Level 10 and they are now 2,000. Here is the new defence outputs at Level 10:

Guard Tower: 2,000
Bunker: 5,000
Arcane Tower: 12,000
Runic Circle (Gem): 12,000
Magic Circle: 15,000
Pit Trap: 16,000
Cannon Tower 22,000
Magic Bunker (Gem): 28,000
Corruption Tower (Gem): Unknown
Hawk Nest (LTB): 1,005,300
Tree Fort (LTB): 10,000,000

PS. Defence is spelled this way in the UK

11-13-2014, 02:59 AM
They're all still complete garbage except the LTB ones.