View Full Version : Filthy Hands: Recruiting especially night shifts!

11-24-2014, 03:20 PM
We are currently recruiting ACTIVE players especially for night crew.
Must have Kakao
Donate iphx24x3.5 monthly
95 bonuses and going up quickly!
Active minis welcome
Looking for people who want to help finish goals not walk in expecting them to be finished.
Last SLTQ we completed up to 14/15 Elite
Finish goals for street assault
Raid Boss always a progress 22/27 Elite
Top 500 last battle but have been top 400
Come join us!
Please message me here or on kakao JLo or Jlew23, seanzo or synapse. Be sure to say JLo sent ya or make a request at 140372171.

11-25-2014, 10:57 PM
Bump for a great bunch of guys and gals