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12-04-2014, 01:13 PM
There are several units that I think clearly need some stats changes. One is the Chiron family because those are a disgrace to the SR/UR brand. I have a level 50 Equality's Whisper and the overall rating is slightly north of 22,000. My level 50 Sejanus is more than double that. They have a great range and price but a miserable fire rate and damage plus no defense to compensate. The deploy time is slow too so just about any unit with a speed of 5 will close with and kill them before they get a shot off. I think it needs to be buffed so it does maybe slightly less damage than the slightly more expensive Commoner's Revenge family and up the fire rate to .50 at least.

Another is the Ikenga III family. Damage and fire rate is great but it has no range or health to be of use. These are supposed to be heavy armor killers but I don't know of any SR/UR heavy tanks that these would have a chance to kill. The average range for a tank is 15 so they will destroy these before they have a chance to shoot 99% of the time considering they only have enough health to take one shot. The Dybenko suffers from the same draw back but at least that only costs 100 supply but still everyone I know who owns a Dybenko keeps it in storage myself included. My Eurydice has also found its way into permanent storage. These units need at least a range of 15 and then give the Eurydice a range of 18 so they have a chance to kill what they were designed to kill.

Not quite as bad is the Raynin's Defense family that could use slightly more range since you can't rely on a Raynin for your AA defense because some of those long range choppers can kill it every time. I know it's pretty OP to air units once it starts firing so maybe make the Raynin have a range of 23 and the Saggittarius 25 which isn't too much of an increase but might give them a chance at least (I'd prefer a range of 25 for the Raynin but I realize that might be a little too powerful). Once you get an UR squad most enemy choppers are the Lenin's Reach so if your only UR AA is the Raynin you're pretty much out of luck because A Lenin will kill you almost every time before you can get a shot off.

12-05-2014, 06:58 AM
Oh and on that new UR the Manticore does it really have a recharge rate of 70? If so then that needs fixed because that's more than double any other unit.

12-05-2014, 05:21 PM
I made the exact same point about the Eurydice several weeks back. As you say, its ridiculously short range and very weak defence mean that it cannot get anywhere near most tanks. And when you consider that it is supposed to be a SuperRare, and yet it is less effective than most Rares, it makes you wonder if they might have made a mistake there.

I would challenge Gree - you say the Eurydice is a "tankbuster" - what tanks can it actually bust?

12-06-2014, 01:04 PM
Well it IS helpful against the Boss tank. Especially this last time since the Boss was killing anything that didn't get in range quickly. I used my lvl 50 Eurydice and lvl 50 Ikenga on Boss higher levels and they worked better than anything else.

12-08-2014, 02:37 PM
Yeah the Eurydice and Ikenga are good against the boss but are worthless in the officer battles before hand so you pretty much need to keep it in and never use it for the officers or change your squad before the boss. It can be a really great unit with a little more range. I never use my Eurydice anymore because of the pain of having to swap units in the middle of the battle.