View Full Version : Please make simple fix to epic boss

12-10-2014, 05:17 PM

Please make a simple fix and add army attack to the damage formula for epic box. You could make it a 500/per 1B attack adder and you might start to rebalance epic boss again.

I now know of two major gemmers who have retired over epic boss changes and more are getting ready to go - one is ready to walk away from 30K gems.

For some reason you decided to massively change a beloved event putting people who have spent thousands of dollars to become powerful on equal footing with new players.

This basically tells these players their gems were worthless and tells new players not to bother spending money as gree will just change the rules and turn it into a waste.

The shortsighted folks on your staff may think that they don't want anyone finishing free, but these same players return the favor by dumping thousands on war. This is part of the reward.

This game has a real simple concept. Work hard and maybe spend money and you get better. The more you do, and spend, the better you get. You just violated the basic concept of the game. Folks that could kill a level 100 boss with 3-4 free hits will now need 24. That's a massive morale shattering change.

As usual you introduce this soul crushing change in a completely buggy way. With equipment loses and bosses that wont die.

Please fix this now. People are losing it. You can't take peoples money and all of a sudden make them very weak. It's wrong. And the results are predictable.

Newbies be warned.