View Full Version : Frontline Issue?

12-12-2014, 01:33 PM
I could be wrong, but aren't the frontline deploys suppose to fill if you level up?

I was trying to time my level up and am screwed with no frontline deploys in an active fight.
As designed, or mw 5.0 issue?

12-12-2014, 01:35 PM
Nope only energy and stamina fill up when you level up

12-12-2014, 01:43 PM
Damn... I could have sworn that it used to refill. Maybe that was just in the early frontlines. Blew that strategy!

12-12-2014, 02:20 PM
I am having problems with the unit costs on my mini account.

It says you need 460 million to buy 10 gunners