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Richard B
12-15-2014, 03:39 PM
Ok. It is confirmed by the masses on group me, line and paralingo... And of course here in forum.

Many people have lost their accounts.

I am one of them.

My concern is other then auto reply on ticket. I have not heard a whisper from Gree on this matter. No plan or time frame as been posted or given to the masses that have lost their accounts. Now I'm concerned that Gree is not worried about the accounts lost and have no intention of getting usmourmaccoubts back.

This is probably not the case. However, with no responses or at least response here in forum... What should we think. Remember us players that have been here for three years have been here before. But never like this!

This is the most serious issue most have ever had with Modern War. Yeah, in the past we lost Gold or stats or drop rate was messed up or wasn't given prizes we earned.. Etc. you guys know what I'm talking about!

But this is totally different.. Our accounts are gone. Which means all the real money we spent in last three years is gone too. All of our countless time and energy is gone. Sleep less nights fighting and supporting our factions is on hold.

We are also missing all current events, prizes and opportunities to grow.

Bottom line is.. GREE are you going to fix this? Are you working on a fix?

Are you going to let us know something.. It's been all day with zero responses to my ticket.

MODERATORS... You guys are quiet today too.


12-15-2014, 03:48 PM

12-15-2014, 04:04 PM
This is crazy - I lost my 3 years of work - Nothing from Gree - My faction can only wait so long for me - WTF!!!!!

Michael Davis
12-16-2014, 12:54 AM
I am the leader of a t25/50 faction and lost my leader account and got a automated response about the recycling issue that I never got to try and haven't had a response from gree in over 48hrs

Can't build walls for this (fun) 6 day WD coming up, missed frontline cause of this, gree you really need to sort this out and quick.

Ticket #2114160