12-16-2014, 08:42 AM
LaND oF THe MiSFiTS -- A Top 100 Team -- Recruiting New Members

LaND oF THe MiSFiTS is recruiting you! Do you enjoy playing CC but want more out of your Syndicate experience? Here in LOM we have created an open, honest, and respectful family that you should join! We have recently removed members in order to continue to find FUN in this game! Our main chat is full of conversation and getting to know your fellow misfits. Since the beginning of syndicates this is by far the most fun group I’ve come across. Take a chance in joining a new family and I guarantee you’ll love being here.

Taking all reasonable requests. Simple rules in a growing crime syndicate. 20 to 25k IP minimum being a must unless on vacation or something of that nature.

Look under the Leaderboard at the list of results and you'll constantly see LaND oF THe MiSFiTS in the top 100.

All events are finished. SA 9/9 streaks achieved. You know the typical stuff you'd expect from a top 100 :)

Requirements: Active participation in all events (SLTQ, Raid Boss, Battle Weekends, Etc.).*
Download and use of Line Chat room application.*
We require that you check in and alert us to all SLTQ kills.*
Sunday Funday Donations are made every Sunday to the Syndicate (28x iph)
Donation of Five Bricks Daily*
Active participation in our once a month 72 hour 72x IPH all in events. Can be up to a week

We use intel rooms in line


Search for ID: bnugget

GOLD IS NOT REQUIRED! But most of our members do use Gold.*

Fight Respect Payout 10/10
Jobs Payout 10/10
Car Attack 4/10
Car Defense 10/10
Building Output 10/10
Melee Attack 10/10
Melee Defense 10/10
Gun Attack 3/10
Gun Defense 10/10
Armor Attack 10/10
,Armor Defense 10/10
Explosive Attack 6/10
Explosive Defense 10/10
Building Defense 10/10
Hideout Health 9/10
Hideout Damage 5/10
Influence Increase 8/10 :)
60 members

All members are required to be active and communicate.

What current Misfits have to say about their experiences here:
“Land of The Misfits. Kings of the nowhere kids. Organized group of sadists that enjoy robbing, mobbing and shot calling. From UK, To Australia and back to The States, our mobscene is the best to come. Ranked from 150- 250 we are a growing family of killers. Level 10 hideouts, scout snipers to pick off the weaker opponents, even intel on all syndicates being formed across the world. Mercenaries? Yes when needed even Misfits bring in the best to help our Syndicate grow. Our influence and hoods are expanding with invading mafia families being taken down in leaps and bounds. No boss is too strong for us and we send them back in body bags."

Help us Grow and Join the misfits!!!

LOM 439 897 695

12-18-2014, 12:01 PM
Bump for Raid Boss love