View Full Version : Why are so many high stat units "Not in Army"?

12-19-2014, 08:49 AM
Been away awhile and I missed out on the new recycle feature being rolled out.

My question is this: Why do I have mult-million stat units with boosts showing not in my army. And if I recycle low stat units IN my army which units are then added to make the 3000 unit limit?

12-19-2014, 09:55 AM
Bonus units don't show "in army" even though they are.

12-19-2014, 09:59 AM
Its a display bug, they are in your army.

12-19-2014, 09:59 AM
Like Stubby said,even though Gree has the best programmers in the world, they couldn't figure out how to show a unit in army and with a bonus at the same time, so no boost units display in army