View Full Version : We Need You!!

12-22-2014, 02:29 AM
DnD are looking for new blood. We are a well organized top 250-400 syndicate. 250 is our norm but with recent changes by gree we have lost a cpl of our very active members as well as some dead weight. We get to the the last 2 goals on raid boss but with some help can smash the 100s. Complete all goals for street assault and epic boss. Activity is all that matters for us. If you're active your stats will rise in no time and we're always around to help. Donations 2x a week as well as bricks and uzis of course. We have most bonuses...car and gun atk not maxed YET but will be soon as well as ip bonus(next on the list to get done), every other bonus is maxed. No gold required but most at least use free gold and some who use A LOT! We use palringo for comunication and that is a must. Seeking active players only of any lvl and stats. We dont care about your stats as we know we can build you up with no questions. Very serious leadership and officers who all know the game well even with new changes. So if you're looking to move up, or even down we can satisfy your needs and desires of what you want from the game. Be prepared and have palringo on your device already or ready to get it. Find us at - pm me on here, "DnD recruits" on palringo or apply to 952565133...We need you!