View Full Version : Maxed guild Team FlameOn is recruiting (ANDROID)

01-08-2015, 06:13 AM
Team FlameOn
Maxed ANDROID guild recruiting

Team FlameOn is a maxed level, maxed bonuses guild that has been around since 2013.
We are part of SITH and EMPIRE which means access to t25, t10 and #1 runs for those who qualify.

Our guild is 100% free-to-play, meaning you don't have to spend any gems in guild wars or raid unless you yourself want to. We rather see you saving those gems for a top run to make yourself stronger. Neither do we have a minimum contribution ammount each week, as we want to see our members invest in their base and their armors before contributing.

HC spots are handed out based on activity, so even members that are not yet lvl100 or has a bunch of epics can get HC. We don't require a specific ammount of points in GW but rather we expect a certain number of attacks and promote after that.

You do NOT require to be level100 with a set of epics to join, you may be a new player too as we are active on LINE and there is always someone around to help you with tips and how to get better. We are in it for the fun!

LINE app is required, install it from google play. After you have set it up msg one of us for a short interview so we can add you to our guild.

GM lineid: nasstor
GS lineid: tummeliten

Come join the fun!

Ant venom
01-08-2015, 11:09 AM
What did you rank in the "Lumimous War" or whatever war is before the current war. Can u also tell me what is the highest u guys have ranked in a war/raid?

01-19-2015, 11:32 PM
We ranked #383 in cosmos. Highest we ranked was t250 in a blitz. We are usually t500. We don't gem, and happily take on new players, so we have no aspirations of high rankings.

Anyone in our guild who wan'ts top positions in any events can join EMPIRE runs every weekend instead.