View Full Version : [IOS] Norse Berserkers Recruiting

01-11-2015, 07:42 PM
Norse Berserkers
Former members of a T25 guild
Level 21
Guild looking for strong active players :)
(12 Spots available)
Elements Bonuses: Water 4% / Fire 5% / Earth 5% / Air 4% / Spirit 5%
Must be 100+ to join unless your guild is merging with ours
LINE is a must!! (Notifications on during wars :)
Armors: At least 3 Epic Boss+ armors or 3 Epics
Guild War Record:
- Fusion Fighter’s Blitz #123
- Kirin Raid #112
- Fusion Fighter’s Blitz #149
We have 9 of 21 people that are very active and 90% with strong epics and over level 100.
High Commanders spots available :) (If you want to be a HC in future must have LINE and must be active)
Promotions are based on GW and Raids Participation/Points.
Gems are not required until push, but always appreciated.
Contact on LINE:
“FolkThaGreat” – GM
“PartyBoy10210” – GS (Aries)
If your guild is new and want to merge with us contact “FolkThaGreat” on LINE.