View Full Version : Top 300 looking for Actives - Blood Brothers CC-

01-14-2015, 03:46 PM
Last cycle stats:

272 in War
300 in Street Assault
all 4 EB daily goals
26/27 on Raid Boss

Have most bonuses maxed out with 7/10 IP, 10/10 wall def and 7/10 wall attack (expensive ones...)

Must use Line Chat App for events (don't have to chat outside of events).

We are looking for active players, for us activity outweighs stats/ratio. Would prefer higher stat players (level not important) to help our RB efforts. We have many low level high stat players with high accomplice numbers.

We would consider a merge of small group coming to us only. We have merged 2 times in 4 cycles and will not be moving again.

We have support of a Top 100/150 team and you have option to promote within the family should you choose.

Join a fun and competitive team today before war starts!

614 376 105 Blood Brothers CC

For more info or questions please IM me on Line - coldsteel_ac

Thanks for reading!

Frank the Frank
01-22-2015, 01:03 AM
Name: Frank
daily player
Level: 11
ATT: 208,345 DEF: 248,345
IPH: 41,000
Influence points in last battle: 4100
Timezone: Europe

I'm looking for a relaxed syndicate to grow slowly.
Can get any Chat App needed.

Take care,