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01-16-2015, 01:20 AM
Just in case you missed it in the main announcements page


01-16-2015, 02:53 AM
And what?

The company policy is not listening their customers. New, newer or newest community manager will not change anything.

01-16-2015, 04:48 AM
The concept of a "community manager" strikes me as odd. Why?
In order for you to manage people, they must be subordinate to you.
As customers, we aren't subordinate to a Gree appointed community manager.
Now the "community manager" manages or controls the forum posts, keeps order and peace on the forum, communicates information to the player base, and manages the volunteer moderators.

Leave it to "you know who" to cast more confusion and doubt upon the campers and tappers of Camp TappaTappaTappa.

Oh oh Gree
01-16-2015, 10:23 AM
Great to see that CJ created a new forum profile. Cannot wait for nothing to change.