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01-21-2015, 06:25 AM

Violent Outlaws
Three teams in the Top 50, Top 100 and T150
VO1 last war ranking : 31

You want to be in a fast growing team? You want a team that all put weight to make the goals? You wanna be in a family that sticks up for each other and finish all events? Do you have what it take? Then the Violent Outlaws are looking for you!

We are looking for fun, drama free and active players that want to join a great family of players all around the world. We expect from you that you try to get the best out of your abilities to grow and be a vital part of the team.

What has the Violent Outlaws to offer

A fast growing syndicate
Finishing all events
A active team on all events
A balanced team of European and American players
Always a officer online to help you
Three teams to choose from in the top 50, top 100 and top 150

What do we ask from you
A IP of 45k minimum for VO1
A IP of 30k minimum for VO2
A IP of 25k minimum for VOF
Above IP is for 3 day war

Activity on all events(this will be tracked)
Willing to use groupme

Wanna be a part of the family?
PM me with the following information

Your stats (including accomplices)
Last IP score
Your groupme email
Which team you wanna join

I will get back to you as soon as possible


Last war rankings
Broadway Beatdown: Ranked 31
Cartel Carnage: Ranked 41

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