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01-22-2015, 08:21 AM

Feel the need to purge? Do you have a demon instinct?..Like having hilarious conversations about sports/women/drinking? Are you active and need a faction thats the same? Your search is over!. The most seasoned vets of Modern War came came together to create a cool, competitive fast growing faction that has the firepower to become a serious contender.


So, what's so great about this faction?
first off... Great Question!.. This is faction formed from prior top 100, top 25, and top 10 faction members who decided that too many rules and not enough pure enjoyment was no way play a game on a phone. We have decided to create a much more fun environment that connects people from across the globe and enjoy the camaraderie of the groupme chats as well as the game itself.

So you're not competitive?
whoa...hold your horses...Hell yeah we're competitive....super competitive..just check out our stats..We have guys with 30 billion attack and some with 5 billion attack...and IPH's that are through the roof....Nobody likes to be told how to spend their money..so we're sure not going to tell you...We have heavy gold players..light gold players and non-gold players...it's your money...so you do with it what you want..We have the dockbot and we will easily finish top 50 and will push for Top 25 when prizes deem necessary.

So no requirements at all?
well let's not get silly......no requirements would create a free-for-all disaster that would cause intense
population increase, cross pollinations disasters, and ultimately a zombie apocalypse. What we do have are normal guidelines that when followed, create a sense of euphoria that rivals catnip. All we ask is 100k in WD and 50m in FL - all of which can be achieved for free, I've done it for many cycles now.

hey..I got a mini can I bring it over?
sure!..we have a mini faction that houses all of our current mini's and is a great development faction for those who need to work on their accounts...all accounts in the mini factions are officers so they can hop in and out to help the main faction. it houses 60 and has central heat but no air...

how do I get started?
easy!..just come in to the el diablo recruitment room and talk to one of our people that will just ask a few basic questions..answer them....we'll take a stool sample...and you get to sign a deal with the devil!


Groupme recruitment Page
GroupMe ID: 11811165

01-25-2015, 12:24 PM
Great faction to be part of... just Ranked 22nd place in Frontline. DONT inquire if you cannot make the min requirements. Serious players on these team.

01-29-2015, 05:25 AM
El Diablo is Looking to fills few spots. Send me a pm or join the groupme room above.

Sgt mason
01-29-2015, 07:02 AM
Got open spots before war