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Mark the Beast
01-22-2015, 12:48 PM
Hi Everyone! My name is Mark and I am from the fabulous faction of CUZ. We are a fun fantastic faction that looks for active daily players (just like every other faction lol.) It doesn't matter what level you are we don't discriminate. We have people of all ages in our faction and couples too! We cleaned all of the players that went MIA and with 9 accounts we still finished in the top 1000 in WD. Some of our active former members just came back and we are up to 15 now. We use Kakao talk to strategize and chat as well for fun. Add me on Kakao my ID is mark957 to chat or join. Ally code 809-580-948. Faction Code 229-723-234

We have 21 spots and if any faction wants to merge we are welcome for them to join us we just ask that member are active daily players. This faction has been active for over a year and will never go away. Good Luck all and have fun!

Top 1000 last WD

Casualty Rate: -5%
Air Defense: +25%
Sea Defense: +20%
Health Regen Time: -30%
Ground Defense: +35%
Infantry Defense: +35%
Infantry Attack: +25%
Building Output: 20%
Sea Attack: +5%
Ground Attack +15%
Building Defense: +20%
Guild Member Increase: +16