View Full Version : Top 251 looking for Daily Active fighters to battle 24/7

01-23-2015, 01:48 AM
We are war winner,

An daily active faction pending between 251- 325 during last world dominations and Frontline battles
With only a half battalion of members, but now were almost back on full strength

Only thing we want to do is have :)
We are a team of 49 players ~ 58 accounts between 750 M and 4.5 B
Mostly USA but 22 very active accounts / players from Asia, AustraliŽ and Europe.

For faction events, Frontline and battle weekend we still acn use some extra ;
active and strong players.

:cool: We looking for daily active players
:( donate what you can miss
:p Score minimum of 25 K WD points, but when active 35 K is easy without gold...
:confused: use Free app called ; Line (for communication ( line id ; jjqr ))

Every event we get stronger and stronger,
but the last part of the masters events are still hard to finish :mad:

When you want to join the War Winner team :),
Or want more info :confused:, please sent me a personal message :rolleyes:

Regards J

War winner

Health Regen Time ; MAXX
Ground Defence / Attack ; MAXX / MAXX
Air Defence / Attack ; MAXX / MAXX
Infantry Defence / Attack ; MAXX / MAXX
Sea Defense / Attack ; MAXX / MAXX
Building Defense ; MAXX
Building Output ; MAXX ( :cool: love this one)
Casualty rate ; +25%
Guild member ; MAXX

01-27-2015, 12:35 PM
Looking to form a two tier faction, bonuses are maxed and we use docbot, we have up to twelve spaces left

02-25-2015, 12:15 AM
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