View Full Version : Texas Killing Machine, top15, is recruiting

01-25-2015, 11:17 AM
I'm the Swiss leader of a great top faction, Texas Killing Machine.
We (Texas) merged with LMKM 6 1 year ago and we are now an incredible crew of great players. We finished all the faction events very quick and ranked also easily always on top5/10 on Full Assault events that's our main target. Most of my guys here are from USA but we have also 15 europeans and 7 aussie/asian. We are strong, loyal and organized, only active players, no freeloaders and no minis. We are only gold users and we have accomplished all faction events. A great core of guys and vary dedicated to improving every day. So if you decide to consider the Texans KM as your new home you won't be disappointed. TKM : invite code 713956226
We use Kakao Talk, well help set you up. My Kakao ID: Bancodilugano

Our faction bonus are maxed and we have more than 2 trilion ready on our bank for next bonuses.

We are looking for few strong and dedicated players, to grow togheter, stay steadily in top10 FL and enjoy this game. We are a kind of virtual family so only mature and loyal players will be accepted, no 18 years old over excited or too chatty.
To join us you need at least 10 bilion Att stats, but also negotiable on lvl., minimum score 120k WDP and above all 80/90M on FL, be active and an expert MW player.

02-01-2015, 11:31 AM
Interesting name how many of your guys are from Texas ?