View Full Version : T150-200 WD and T150 FL looking for 2-3 active members

01-28-2015, 05:47 PM
US Delta Assault Force
Come chat in our recruiting room and see if Delta is for you!
no donations necessary except b4 WD for level 15 walls,
WD 8.5k a day or 50% attendance tracked by docbot ,
RB 500 folders to farm wrapper we do easy, normal, prestige and masters, last 24 hours farm wrapper.
EB 30 total faction kills .
FL 3m for iph lower then $3m, 7m for iph $3-$7 m , 10m for iph above $10m
Faction events take priority
Groupme required

Fun group, but we do not tolerate campers!
Players of all levels and stats are welcome to apply.