View Full Version : Punishers Syndicate Looking For New Members

01-29-2015, 10:45 AM
The Punishers are looking for new active members. We have over-hauled our syndicate with a new leader, new officers and have dropped dead weight.

If you are a looking for a fun, competitive syndicate, then join us! 506 254 811

Only apply if you are an active player. Donate what you can to help the syndicate while building your hood and stats. Gold is not required, but is also welcome. Many of our members do use gold to help the syn. Other players also buy gift packs to donate to members as well.

We have 82% of bonuses purchased.

We are a top 250 team that has fallen back lately, but has over-hauled for a mission to get back to the top 250. With your help we can do it.