View Full Version : [IOS] Norse Berserkers T200 Guild Recruiting

01-29-2015, 08:47 PM
iOS: Norse Berserkers
- Fusion Fighter's Blitz: #186
- War of the Cosmos: #179

- FIGHTING is required. Gems not required, but appreciated.
- Active participation is THE most important. ZERO TOLERANCE on inactives
- Level 50+ & 3 EB+ lineup or better (Possible exceptions for those who did not play for long; contact about this)
- LINE required. We also ask you be active in our chats and be involved in our community.
- Age 16+; those able to conduct themselves in a mature manner in our community.
- We look for players willing to listen and adapt to our war strategies and who interact with our members daily. No minimums, but those who show for announced war times.

Guild Info:
- Active Guild
- Proud member of The Lion Pride Alliance and Berserkers Alliance
- Top 3 and all officers work to ensure scoring success for all members during wars.
- Meritocracy. Promotion is primarily based on GW & LINE Participation.
- High Retention: We have carried the same core players for months now as we grew, and have added great members who form the community that we are proud of
- We are very active on chat and help each other whether it be war time or not. We are a small family and are looking for a few others wishing to join us!

Recruiter and GM: FolkThaGreat
Recruiter and GC: PartyBoy10210 (Aries)