View Full Version : FILTHY HANDS, Top 400 and moving fast, RECRUITING!

02-01-2015, 05:57 PM
Filty Hands recruiting for established accounts.
Requirements are:
-must have Kakao
-424 last battle, 429 battle before
-Donate monthly iphx24x3.5
-Minumum 7k ip for battles (trial to ensure activity from new members)
What we have to offer:
-Finish SLTQ, SA in 18 hours, EPIC BOSS. 23/27 Raid Boss.
-140/190 bonuses. Defense Bonuses maxed. 3/10 ip bonus.
-Minis welcome however subject to request to move to our second syndicate to accomodate higher players.
Place request 140372171 or find JLew23 or Seanzo via kakao chat.

****Filthy Hands now has a second group "Solitaire Unravelling ".
Same as above but no ip battle minimum at the moment.
Looking for dedicated players and officers to launch FH2.
Main syn will be jumping in to help with donations to accelerate bonuses...
Request at 293429306 or contact same as above.
Come join a rapidly growing team!