View Full Version : Current wd - matchups and stat inflation

02-02-2015, 06:57 AM
This for lower factions :
1) matchups are still brutal - as longtime free players who are in the mid 200's level are now facing players 100-150 levels below with equal Attack/def #'s
My current battle is against a30 person faction : DL is 2.5 bil. the rest of the faction are all newbies with fewer than 50 allies( wall hitters I guess)
Two other players are below level 100 ; one with a 230 mil defense ( I won and got 100 points ) and one with a 360 mil def .
My highest player is 325 mil , and we have 5 players between 100-150 mil.
Once we used 2 megas to get the DL down , we have choice of their level 13 wall or really low players .
All their 3 players have to do is hit us a few times and due to the massive level difference they will score more points than we will be able to . We can't even match hit for hit because they get double our points
Something needs to be done to level the playing field for older players who are artificially high from all the xp we got from doing the area quests .
Maybe new players should have to complete the areas to participate in the LTQs